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Another bombshell lobbed by Michael Cohen exploded late Friday night: He says he told Donald Trump about a phone call to the Kremlin asking for the Russian government’s help to build a Trump Tower in Moscow in 2016.

And Cohen also claims he was talking to Trump’s lawyers and White House staff in 2017 while he crafted a misleading statement to Congress seeking to cover up the truth about the Moscow project and the level of Trump’s involvement.

The president downplays his knowledge of the project, but his ex-fixer says he knew a lot—and that a cover-up before Congress was crafted while talking to Trump’s lawyers.


How do you comfortably argue with a person that settles for second best at all times? A Hollywood celebrity with the political skills of a 6th grader, a failed business man, personality that of a petulant child and cwjga defends him. Imagine the US Constitution allowing for a fair and speedy trial when one has to defend Jack the Ripper? smart people wrote Trump off back in 2015 and the sadder aspect, the not too intelligent voted for him and now too embarrassed to the smart people were WWWAAAAYYYYY ahead of the predictions.