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The left just flat out lies. Sad that the sheeple just suck them up.

Tax Reform 'Armageddon' Aftermath: As New Fiscal Year acy

[size:23pt]If Democrats want to impose a single-payer healthcare scheme, they'll need to inflict gigantic tax increases on middle income households
and working Americans. That's a mathematical fact. No wonder so many leftists are angry about the Democratic proposal to create a supermajority threshold to approve tax hikes on the middle class. They know they'll need those big tax hikes to partially fund the future of their government supremacist agenda. Voters, beware.

Therein lies your huge monumental problem son. Trump's claim a tax cut was primarily a big farce which only gave a tax benefit to the rich. Now that the public is wise to his unethical tactics, mathematical facts dictates that the ACA should have been left intacted before crooked GOP damaged it. Not only did it pay for a single payer but generated a revenue as well.