“When Hitler did it, we called him a monster.

When it's done here, we call it, "Business as usual."...

...Picture this: In the 1980s, hand flapping, non-verbal, connection-avoiding children
were not recognized. (Perhaps because far fewer existed?) Today, eyesight has so
improved in professionals that they can actually see the signs. Make sense?”


Jeffrey Smith’s new documentary is out. One family had 21 different illnesses.

Secret Ingredients


Trump's EPA sides with Monsanto, extends dicamba​ two more years

"The Trump EPA's reckless re-approval of this dangerous poison ignores the facts on the ground and damage across millions of acres," CBD senior scientist Nathan Donley said. "Simply adding more use restrictions to an uncontrollable pesticide that already comes with 39 pages of instructions and limitations reflects a broken process. Pesticide regulation has been hijacked by pesticide makers."


Dr Caius Rommens was a former team leader at Monsanto and creator of GMO potatoes for J.R. Simplot Company. He's authored a new book called "Pandora's Potatoes: The Worst GMOs".

Dr Rommens writes: I have now summarized the new conclusions of this past work (without disclosing company secrets—I am bound by confidentiality agreements) in a book, entitled ‘Pandora’s Potatoes.’ This book, which is now available at Amazon, explains why I renounce my work at Simplot and why the GMO varieties should be withdrawn from the market. It is a warning and a call for action: a hope that others will step forward with additional evidence, so that the public, with its limited financial means, has a chance to counter the narrow-mindedness of the biotech industry. On May 3rd 2018 the columnist Michael Gerson wrote in the Washington Post: “Anti-GMO is anti-science.” His statement was echoed by Mitch Daniels, his colleague, who added, “[It] isn’t just anti-science. It’s immoral.” But these two columnists are not scientists. They don’t understand the level of bias and self-deception that exists among genetic engineers. Indeed, anyone who is pro-science should understand that science is meant to study nature, not to modify it—and certainly not to predict, in the face of strong evidence, the absence of unintended effects. The real anti-science movement is not on the streets. It is, as I discovered, in the laboratories of corporate America.


'The world is against them': new era of cancer lawsuits threaten Monsanto

“Monsanto needs to realize that we are not going to be silent any more,” said Barton, a third-generation farmer, who is part of a California lawsuit filed by the Baum Hedlund firm, which represented Johnson. “We are not going to roll over and play dead … People should be warned that this stuff is everywhere and we should be careful of this product.”

Barton, 69, said he also feared that his three sons could get sick due to their Roundup exposure.

“My dad exposed me to this. He never would’ve done that if he knew it was dangerous,” he added. “I have this guilt that I may have endangered my own sons.”


Kellogg Plunges Most in 18 Years After Company Trims Forecast

Kellogg Co shares plunged the most intraday since 2000 after the company cut its profit forecast and reported a decline in U.S. breakfast foods -- underscoring the difficult road that packaged food companies are facing as consumer tastes change. Instead of doing want consumers want, which is to remove GMOs and toxic pesticides from their products, Kellogg's is doing things like adding probiotics to their toxic cereals to trick people into thinking their products are healthy. As consumer demands for clean food increases, Kellogg's is the one Big Food corporation that's doing the very least to truly improve their products. That's why we've called for a consumer boycott of all their products and brands since 2012. And it's working. Kellogg's net sales have been down ever since. Keep it up - Boycott Kellogg's!


Did you know that in the UK and other countries, Kellogg’s cereals have no gmo ingredients?


Kellogg's: Remove GMOs & Glyphosate and Get Non-GMO Project Verified

Because GMOs are so prevalent in our food supply and it is difficult to rally the nation to boycott all GMO foods, we chose to strategically target Kellogg’s for our first boycott campaign. As it has happened in other countries, when one Big Food company is forced to remove GMOs, their competitors are at a disadvantage and soon follow.

Not long after the campaign began, the company’s sales began to decline and continue to do so. We chose Kellogg’s as our first boycott for many reasons:

Kellogg’s has been an American icon since 1906.

Kellogg’s heavily markets to children and presents itself with a wholesome family image…

After signing the petition and sending a letter, call Kellogg’s customer service and ask them to remove GMOs & glyphosate from all their products and brands, and get Non-GMO Project Verified: 800-962-1413

Then post on their Facebook page:

In the USA: https://www.facebook.com/kelloggs

In Canada: https://www.facebook.com/kelloggcanada


Seneff: “Vegans may be concerned about the gelatin because it's an animal-based product, but I'd be more concerned because it is likely contaminated with glyphosate, since the pigs and cows are fed heavy doses in their GMO feed and gelatin is high in glycine. Glyphosate is a glycine mimetic that I believe gets incorporated into proteins by mistake in place of glycine. Gelatin is derived from collagen which has extremely high glycine content. Glyphosate has been found as a contaminant in multiple vaccines, particularly those where the live virus is grown on gelatin, such as MMR. Zen Honeycutt of Moms Across America and Anthony Samsel, an independent scientist, both detected glyphosate in vaccines.”


Seneff: “New paper out showing that glyphosate causes DNA damage to human lymphocytes at low doses. This should be very helpful for future non-Hodgkin's lymphoma lawsuits!”


Brazilian researchers link rise in colon cancer to increase in pesticide use

...The researchers link the rise in the country's pesticide use since the turn of the century to significant increases in colon cancer…


Germany sets new restrictions on glyphosate

The Environment Ministry has announced a spate of new regulations on the use of herbicides and pesticides. The tougher policy aims for a staged exit from the use of weed killer glyphosate and similar products

Use of glyphosate and similar herbicides in Germany will face tougher restrictions going forward, the Environment Ministry announced on Tuesday.


This is why we’re educating others.
This happened to us and our kids.
When we stopped consuming these foods, we got better.

STUNNING: Removing GMO foods from your diet can improve 28 different health conditions


Climate change is making our food less nutritious

While carbon emissions and global warming disrupt food production through extreme weather such as drought and floods, these findings warn of a direct yet mostly invisible impact on people's diets, said Matthew Smith, an author of the study. "It's more hidden ... most people wouldn't necessarily notice if they lost 5 percent of iron or zinc from their wheat, but it could have broad ranging health effects," said the research associate at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health.

The main theory behind the link is that carbon dioxide makes plants grow faster and create fewer micro-nutrients, he added.


Compromised ethics run rampant in nutrition research

In some cases, research is designed to be actively deceptive. Coca-Cola was recently caught funding academics to publish studies that shifted the debate on obesity away from the consumption of sodas to lack of exercise. A study of media reports generated by these studies found that journalists helped to keep this money hidden in at least 30 news articles that failed to mention the scientists’ financial ties to Coca-Cola.

I relied heavily on the work of AP reporter Candice Choi and Anahad O’Connor at the New York Times, who filed open records requests. The emails they collected showed how food companies and trade associations actually exert influence. Otherwise we would never know how they try to influence reporters by giving them information, inviting them to sponsored meetings, and cozying up to them in other ways. I also relied on the work of other reporters who expose corporate influence on research and practice.



After noting a strange odor in his child’s pajamas, a single dad’s search for the source uncovers potentially toxic secrets of the chemical industry.




Corporate Fascism by Joyce Bowen

When Hitler did it, we called him a monster. When it's done here, we call it, "Business as usual."

The very governmental agencies created to protect us are now in the pockets of PROFIT. Just look at how they’ve evolved to serve corporate interests. It’s all out there to be seen. I spent a few months exploring available information. Yes—it takes time out of life, but would you rather spend the time now—or see your life cut short in the end? Either way, the time is spent. People keep telling me they don’t have time. As they walk away, my calm demeanor silently screams, “You’re right—you don’t have time.” Time is a luxury we now HAVE to afford. We’ve been groomed into acceptance—much like a pedophile grooms a child.

Our food is toxic. We are being fed our demise. Just look at the climb in diseases we are being fed in the paper below:

Picture this: In the 1980s, hand flapping, non-verbal, connection-avoiding children were not recognized. (Perhaps because far fewer existed?) Today, eye sight has so improved in professionals that they can actually see the signs. Make sense?


In the new book, "Pandora's Potatoes: The Worst GMOs", Dr Caius Rommens warns about the GMO potatoes he created for J.R. Simplot Company in Boise, Idaho - the same potato that we've warned our supporters about.

Dr Rommens writes, "I identified some minor mistakes and had my first doubts about the products of my work. I wanted to re-evaluate our program and slow it down, but it was too little too late. Business leaders were involved now. They saw dollar signs. They wanted to expand and speed-up the program, not slow it down. I decided to quit in 2013... The true scope of my errors became obvious to me only after I had relocated to a small farm in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. By this time Simplot had announced the regulatory approval of my GMO varieties. As the company began to plan for quiet introductions in American and Asian markets, I was breeding plants and animals independently, using conventional methods. And since I still felt uncomfortable about my corporate past, I also re-evaluated the about two hundred patents and articles that I had published in the past, as well as the various petitions for deregulation. Not so much biased anymore, I easily identified major mistakes."


From GMO Free USA...

POTATO ALERT! How to spot a GMO potato.

The GMO Potato was upgraded to the High-Risk list of the Non-GMO Project because a GMO potato variety is now “widely commercially available” in the United States. RNAi, the genetic engineering technique used to create the potato, results in a potato that hides the symptoms of black spot bruising which could lead consumers to unknowingly ingest an unhealthy, toxic product. Currently, GMO potatoes are being marketed under the Simplot Innate brand, found under the trademark White Russet. Here's a photo of the package to help you spot GMO potatoes. https://www.facebook.com/GMOFreeUSA/photos/a.468695639837571/2504114472962334/?type=3&theater

Look for the wording…

”stay fresher looking longer” and “...our farmers use tried and true agricultural techniques to grow a better potato from seeds that contain the strongest traits…” and “...less vulnerable to bruising and black spots and will stay white longer when cut or peeled…”


This is a must watch film for anyone just learning about gmo foods and glyphosate.

What is GMO?

Genetic Roulette The Gamble of Our Lives

Arty turns 11 this summer.