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If you want to talk about "overheated rhetoric" now but weren't interested in that conversation after a Democrat attempted a mass assassination of GOP congressmen, nearly killing one in the process, excuse me if I can't take you at all seriously. You're a shill and a fraud.

9:06 AM - 26 Oct 2018

We as a nation and country can't ignore the fact that our president is limited in intellect, diplomacy and articulation. Watching the array of media outlets, I'm pleased to hear the expression of heart felt love, compassion and comfort coming from local religious leaders to the Pennsylvania governor etc but there is a missing piece of the puzzle, a nation's leader who is obviously out of place and uncomfortable in a position showing love and compassion toward others outside the White race. It isn't surprising to understand the vitriol and hatred expressed by his supporters, they too possess not the mature ability to write their political leaders to express their frustration but are more adept at acting as petulant school children through means of crime, name calling and violence.