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Take a hard look among this Trump rally, notice the diversity in regard race and ethnicity? Donald Trump being very proficient himself in the art of alienation,found the buttons to stir up racism, bigotry, misogyny and any other vile attribute which defies human cohesiveness but in light of this trend, birth rates are defining a generation of individuals who tend to have a slight tint of melanin in their skin, maybe this is what all the fuss is about, a fear of extinction. The sad aspect of this GOP and Trump, a failure to comprehend the fact that you truly did cause a galvanization of citizens, not to support you but quite the contrary, a movement designed to annihilate anyone like you. whistle

I wonder when logic and common sense will kick in for Whites, notice how any Black movement or cause elicit blow back from said White group but ironically so, this same group can come together for a cause relating to White pride and mayhem breaks out (You've observed the same repercussions from a Black standpoint) Now tell u,s where is any justification on either side? Double standards are a way of life which results in more retaliation and repercussions.