I guess that my one claim to fame is having a father who worked down in Ithaca NY possessing a co worker that went to high school with Jim Boeheim. Said worker talked of growing up in Lyons NY with Jim and walking to the Bowheim homestead and business, Bowheim funeral home. Jim's grandfather spoke fondly of his grandson's future career of running the family business and one day it was said that Jim protested his grandfather's aspiration by stating that he was going to school to be a lawyer or anything opposed to being a mortician.It was stated that Jim's father sided with Jim's decision of not being a mortician and encouraged him to not make the same mistakes that he had by not following his own dreams and not that of others. Ole granddad screamed one day that Jim would never amount to anything due to his disobedience and died several years later. I wonder how many times has Jim smiled due to his personal success and listening to a smart father? nothing sadder than aimlessly going thorough life being dictated by doing the bidding of others while your waning years realizing that you're working for peanuts, I present to you, a Trump supporter who was told to be obedient and "we'll take care of you"