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So, let's see if I've got this right...

As is so often the case, you don't.

Repeating falsehoods and logical inconsistencies in somewhat more flowery language than you did the first time in no way rehabilitates those falsehoods.

By your "logic" not a single newspaper could report on any story involving bad behavior unless and until there is a court verdict. Clearly, from your posting history, you do not believe that....at least when politically expedient.

Sigh... nowhere. I repeat, NOWHERE did I take issue with the news reports. I take issue (and rightfully so) with forum posters drawing clearly premature conclusions of guilt before the FACTS were appropriately determined. I challenge you to produce a single falsehood or logical inconsistency. In fact, you're the one promoting inconsistent lines of logic and reasoning by making claims that not only can't you defend, but won't even try. As for verdicts. that's the precise reason that we have a court system, because outhouse-jurors like you punters, can't be trusted to apply your judgements either evenly OR justly.

So, without any "flowery language", my ruling stands... I find the entire lot of you guilty of raging hypocrisy and negligent illiteracy... as charged. Court is dismissed.
Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.