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"Funny how (in your mind, anyway) lack of evidence somehow qualifies as evidence."

According to the Ithaca Times:
  • She presented evidence of the abuse through tape recordings, pictures, a police report and blog posts from the time period.

    People familiar with the couple at the time have also independently corroborated to the Ithaca Times what Morgan told them throughout the later course of the marriage about Kirchgessner’s conduct.

You may choose to not believe the evidence, but for you to state evidence does not exist, is clearly false.

Furthermore, if you are implying that the Times does not, or should not, report on allegations that haven't yet been decided in a court of law, clearly that isn't how they operate (or will operate). Their front pages are full of stories about serious arrests and they have an entire column focused on "the Police Beat."

Finally, I note that you seem to have no problem whatsoever when allegations are reported against other, republican, politicians, such as the former Seneca County manager and, of course, the current president.

Your blatant partisanship is showing, as is the desire to, contrary to your signature, to have your own facts.

So, let's see if I've got this right...

Comments were made implying that K was a de-facto domestic abuser. These comments were made based on absolutely NO evidence, merely some extremely vague reports of allegations.

After I pointed that out, more unsubstantiated presumptions of guilt were bandied about. After I pointed that out a second time, you introduced another article containing previously undocumented allegations including alleged (and incomplete) statements made during a recorded conversation.

While I would agree that the redacted transcripts don't, on the face of it, reflect well on K, they're still only allegations, documented out-of-context, and without a chance for rebuttal.

Without a proper, controlled court-supervised evidence-based process. The comments made by you and others constitutes ZERO EVIDENCE, in spite of your mistaken belief(s) to the contrary.

As for my post of the dear Republican throwing an aggressive, spastic hissy-fit... there is no doubt of his guilt, as he has both apologized for his loathsome behavior, and the fact that there is incontrovertible video AND audio proof of the incident. On the issue of the "Times"... I'm all for reporting newsworthy content. I am NOT however, in favor of people appointing themselves judge and juror when the public testimony is still in the fact-finding stages.

I have no partisan axe to grind, bar that of making damned sure that people learn the difference between allegations and proof, and that if one is going to make calls for "innocence until proven guilty", that they first stow their hypocrisy.

So, as is self-evident, when it comes to my signature, I clearly Walk-the-Talk (unlike others). Thanks for playin', though.
Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.