I deem it so discriminatory that we as a country is so divided by race, take a look at this man, name is Barack Husain Obama who was the 44th POTUS, he in my opinion wasn't the greatest president but somehow manage to pull the country out of a historical Depression and starting a financial trend we see today, job creation and a stimulated economy. Ironically he was voted into office by Black and White voters and received that support not just once but a second time 4 years later. During his tenure, he showed class, was very articulate, showed men how to treat women, adored his wife and family and went to church on a regular basis. Today we have in the White House a vile and racist man who acquired the job by questionable means, he on a daily trend talk similar to that of a 13 year old petulant boy by demeaning people, lying about everything in his life from finances to molesting women. Obama was called a (Emperor) for defying congress while this man has taken over Congress, he has alienated us with every country including those that we have a 100 year relationship with. He has defied every past policy of showing his income taxes while cheating the IRS out of millions of dollars. By now you get the narrative but astounding so, see what blatant racism does for the United States of America, it's not what any individual do that counts, it's more abundantly important to state who the individual is in regard to race and gender and based on the past history of Hillary Clinton endorsing universal health care and Obama creating a positive economy, all this doesn't matter........... if you're not a angry White man. Way to go America, we aren't as great as we deem ourselves to be, other than a great economy.