Spencer Tullis has his fawning profile of Democrat State Senate Candidate Amanda Kirchgessner ...

  • A graduate of Tompkins County Community College, Amanda has had a long interest in politics and activism. She looks at her time in the restaurant business — she is currently taking a leave of absence from her regular job — as her way of relating to the working-class person and how government decisions can affect them.

    She feels most elected officials have advanced degrees but may not be able to relate to the experience of the regular blue-collar man or woman. Amanda meets and greets folks in a 2001 Subaru Forester saddled with its fair share of miles and some good ol' western New York rust. The day we talked, her mom accompanied her to Penn Yan; Amanda's mom is an enthusiastic supporter excited to hand out buttons and lawn signs.

    The main purpose of this column is to show readers that anyone can get involved in politics, regardless of wealth and level of education. All that is needed is a desire to try to make a difference. And, a great place to start is on the local level.

...on the same day that other media are printing reports she's a wife beater:
  • Amanda Kirchgessner, the Democratic candidate challenging State Senator Tom O’Mara for his 58th Senate District seat, has been accused of several instances of domestic violence by her ex-wife.

    The Ithaca Times reports Kirchgessner’s ex-wife, Brandi Morgan, told them Kirchgessner took part in a pattern of abusive behavior against her, including pushing, grabbing, throwing objects, verbal abuse and possible threats against pets. State Police reportedly were called to an incident involving the couple in June of 2015.