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Is this an irrevocable Contract? If the present board gets voted out, I hope it can be reversed.

The present board would have to adopt it, first. And, if they do, I don't think it can be reversed.

It appears that the board as a whole never authorized a settlement and were surprised last week. Sounds like approval may be iffy:

LANDFILL MAKES OFFER THEY CAN’T REFUSE — OR CAN THEY? Seneca Meadows Sweetens the Pot to Buy 12 More Years of Life — Until 2037

"But the three other members of the five-member board — Vittorio “Vic” Porretta, Douglas Avery and Dave DeLelys — have staunchly supported Local Law 3, which set the December 2025 closing date.

Porretta voted for the law when it was enacted in 2016. Avery and DeLelys won elections last November after running campaigns that stressed their support for the controversial law.LandfillREADY

In interviews today, all three voiced skepticism of the landfill’s proposal to push back the mandatory closing date by 12 years.

“I don’t like it,” DeLeLys said. “That’s too far out….It will be a ‘no’ vote tomorrow.”

Avery said that he understood supporters of the deal had lobbied DeLelys and Porretta but hadn’t actively courted his vote. “They just know I’m a hopeless case,” Avery said.

Porretta said he was carefully studying the proposal, but leaning against giving it his support. “My stance is what it has been in the past,” he said. “I don’t anticipate changing my view,” he said. "

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