We've heard from our GOP brethren that Liberals are just upset that Trump won, how about his premise that originated 3 years ago that Trump has neither the disposition, temperament or mentality to run the country. What's astounding is the fact that 44 president upheld a standard and precedent in which to gauge their performance but Conservative states that he was designed to break those standards while plowing a new path. Here we are 2 years later and look at the results, first president besides JFK and Bill Clinton making headline news in regard to sexual in proprieties, first president showing be be a comrade with a foreign dictator, first president having better than half of his appointee either resigning or being fired, first president to show his disdain for women and minorities publicly so, our FLOTUS is a former prostitute and pinup magazine model, first president to alienate our foreign allies and list goes on. It's a sad day in American history when Trump supporters change the "game rules" just for a win, now tell us who is winning when taking into account the headlines which has America the laughing stock of the world as we speak?