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"They should have said something earlier" Why Are GOP members quoting economic numbers while complaining about a confirmation hearing? These A holes know fully well the the accuser is telling the truth and are jockeying for position praying that she will change her mind. They also just granted the option of a private hearing. wink


I have an ideal, go with your original plan and vote this coming Thursday. You were so ready to forge ahead last week...go ahead and the odds are your fellow Republicans will embarrass you by voting along with the Democrats.

Mr. idiot stated that a 15 year old girl was stupid in not reporting the sexual crime 36 years ago. What part does, embarrassment and shame play into the scenario. While on the topic, how many sexual predator come forward at the point of committing their vile and sick acts?
Our lying president has cheated on his wives with other women, raped and attempted rape in his past, maybe you should follow your own rules and confess your improprieties.