I've lived a great and contented life and could care more or less if I died today but my concerns are for the future generations if we're still here in 20 years. I emphatically believe that hate and difference are eternal and to falsely assume that Trump is the cause is somewhat erroneously false. All trump has done is to allow hidden emotions and mindset to become uninhibited and fashionable to articulate without constriction. What's the fallout? If you are convicted of a crime, it's not a matter if you did but more so, parties galvanizing themselves and pointing a finger toward Conservatism or Liberalism, if there is a shooting, the first question is "What race is the shooter" all together failing to comprehend the fact that another life has been snuffed out or ruin. We as a country have become so hateful and vengeful toward one another that we all have missed the point, why are our children committing suicide, bullying and have a lost of respect and value to life? Let's understand the old premise that "kids do what we do, not hear what we say" Locally on the forum, we have posted primarily cartoons depicting a great party adverse to the "poor" party but ignorantly overlooking the fact that anything done that adversely affect any individual is wrong irrespective of part affiliation, example: when you are victimized, does it matter in regard to party affiliation.....sadly many will say YES!!!!!!! A problem that even Stevey Wonder and see so clearly.