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That quote was NOT from the auditors, it was from a chair of the BOS.

Not sure how we are defining "improprieties." I would say that failing to reconcile the books for 18 plus months; submitting an incorrect report to the State Comptroller, that will need to be redone; failing to invoice almost $100,000 for the airport; and no one noticing, and are, if not improper, are at least negligent.

This is going to cost a lot on money to fix and impropriety needs to be ruled out.

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I find it rather amusing that everyone is talking but nobody is giving any details. Keep in mind that the Finger Lakes Times tends to lean towards the Democrats.
You all seem to overlook this statement,
" To date, the audit team has evaluated a considerable amount of information and had corrected errors mainly related to account reconciliation,” he said. β€œAt this time, we have been given no indication of any improprieties by former employees to warrant the level of suspicion that appears rampant from some individuals.”
"No amount of evidence will ever convince an idiot."

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