Trump and many of the ignorant Republicans desire for you to believe that Democrats attempt to derail Kavanaugh as SCOTUS nominee, you couldn't be more inaccurate. Once again we observe a president who lies, shows his contempt for people of color and women and is more than willing to please the agenda of anti Americans and racist, even to the extent of harming the country as a whole, don't believe me? Examine our country and tell us how is increase tension between allies a plus? Why do we shake hands and rub the back to evil rulers who derail our elections while showing favoritism toward Trump? How many Trump appointees are going to jail? What party fought Obama for 8 years in the name of containing an exorbitant budget only to hypocritically vote for an additional 8 trillion dollars since Trump's election? Trump's selection of Kavanaugh was strictly for the reasons of reversing Roe vs. Wade due to villainous women haters, how is that working out for you Donald?

Remember that you pick only the best people......... hahahahahaha