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It is common knowledge that we are in hurricane season but guess how FEMA conduct themselves,

Only a bitter loser would complain about FEMA BEFORE the hurricane strikes! Might I suggest you look up the house rules on appropriations? Educate your self instead of repeating the falsities spread by the Anti-Trump establishment. It just makes you look lazy and ignorant when you repeat things that intelligent people know to be false.

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not to mention the fact that babysitting 500 children have become a costly undertaken.

Again, what would you have the Government do? Return these children to the human and drug traffickers who used them to illegally gain entry into the US? Or better yet, send them back across the border on their own in hopes that they will eventually find their parents? Or maybe we should just adopt them out to child-less Americans or hand them over to un-vetted foster homes like Obama did?

Your so smart old man, what is your brilliant solution?

Have you ever walked into the woods son but never took note of your walking direction? well a fool does that without the benefit of a compass or GPS watch.....get my drift son? Before proceeding, a wise man takes note of any problem that may materialize or better yet, if you don't know what you're doing, get help and assistance.....you wanted to know my input son, idiots should not proceed when in unknown territory. confused