I think the Sheriff, as a separately elected official, could conduct an independent investigation. Let's hope that is the way the BOS goes to contain some of the costs of this dark episode.

But, the BOS sat back and ignored all the warning signs of problems with management and finances. Fixing the financials alone, between Bonadio, Nick Sciotti and hundreds of hours of overtime from the Finance Office staff, this mess is going to cost the county over a $100,000 to fix. The auditor announced that the Annual Update Document for 2017, was done so badly, that it will have to be redone and resubmitted.

Bonadio has placed 2 or three employees in the finance office about 80% time, and they have only corrected the general fund errors through July 2017. They have another year of records to go. They haven't gotten to Highway or Water and Sewer.

How anyone can do the county budget with no idea of actual income and expenses is a mystery.

The public needs answers about how this happened, whether anyone aided and abetted it, and what steps are needed to keep it from happening again.

I'd rather pay for controls going forward than fixing past errors.

And if there is malfeasance, then it should be dealt with.

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Oh goodie! More expensive activities to keep our taxes through the roof.

Why can’t the new County Manager, Sheriff, and DA handle this?

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