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It's no coincidence that Nike's profit jumped 31 percentage while Papa John's stock along with the ouster of it's CEO faltered. When will the racist POTUS and racist anti Black protesters figure out one pertinent factor, when you denigrate & discriminate against women and minorities, what play book are you utilizing in garnering votes, ticket sales and revenue once you disrespect 2/3 of your base. So in line with logic is the fact that a failing president has a good economy but suffers low approval numbers which BTW drop to 34% ,no citation needed, the news is already out there thus poor attempts at any significant rebuttal other than silly cartoons.


I noted the Nike logo on Serena Williams shirt and thought of all the haters against her since day one, predominately many White males, when it's all said and done, when will we keep sports as an entirely separate entity and focus on politics in the white House. Trump has managed to denigrate minorities & women to the extent that they have galvanized themselves which now benefit the Democrats and Nike's sales have skyrocketed. I totally agree that Serena is a sore loser but her message resonates globally, we have double standards when it comes down to politics and sports, new standards which caused Trump's rise but ironically so, double standards being brought to the forefront which now destroys him.