More winning ehhh? Sounds to me it's more like more "WHINING"
This fool of a president is so consumed with a pushed investigation on who wrote a scathing op-ed about him that he forgets his own actions and rhetoric. Where is your tax return sir? What terrorist cells are being created while you foolishly waste taxpayers money on YOU? How many women have you cheated with while using once again tax money to hide your indiscretions? Remember the KKK group down in Charlottesville, who brought chaos and turmoil to a peaceful march? have you thought about an internal investigation on this group? NFL players were verbally and physically threatened by group who disliked the fact that these players exercised their right of free speech, where was the investigation involving even the president himself who instigated the entire racist actions, no investigation (REMEMBER, verbal and physical violence or threats are actually a crime). What is Russia doing to our most honored Constitutional right, the freedom to have our individual voice heard by due where are the investigations? The list goes on and on but this idiot falsely believes that the government is designed for his own use and no one else thus the reason that Obama's generated economy continues while the fool spend 95 percent of his time golfing, tweeting, hold KKK ralys (Yes I said rallys) , criticizing Federal workers whose job is to protect American citizens, not Trump. He sits in his office on a daily basis determining who will get fired, blackballed, criticized etc. while our foreign country shake their heads. If all this is winning, we are in worse shape than some of you originally thought 3 years ago. whistle