Bottom line two wrongs makes a right...right??????? this is where our political difference lie, I'm a ultra conservative Liberal who actually believes in many of the policies of the GOP but I happen to despise racism which seems to be the normal trend of Republicans today thus my reasons for staying away from the party. Now son, explain your partnership with a racist who just happen as well to be the worst president since Richard Milhouse Nixon and I'll supply with 4 dozen citations confirming my reason that he is the worse. We are living in an era of democracy versus race, tell us son, would even an eternal rogue recognize this but you Trump supporters are willing to see democracy, equal rights, good jobs, children be placed in prison, KKK members be called good, Black players be criticized for their beliefs while giving billions of dollars to corporations who move out of the country regardless of promises of've been exposed as a racist who watched a country go from a recession to vibrant economy and now falsely watch a racist attempt to take credit for what he didn't do and allow all the aforementioned policies to go forth for the sake of promoting Trump's dysfunction.