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I have to admit, I am "speechless" that NONE of you have commented on any of this.

What do you think of appointing a "deputy county manager" and automatically advancing him/her at some point in the future?

Does anyone think that performance and experience should have a role in the selection of the next CM?

Shouldn't the public have more of a role? Maybe we should be looking for an elected county executive, who would answer to the people, not the BOS?

Automatic implies that the person couldn't get fired. This appears more like the choice will have the performance and experience to gain the position. Mitch acts in an onboarding fashion.

Public has a role by electing a BOS. If they can't do this right, vote them out. They certainly haven't proven to be able to select or attract a good candidate. As far as the public, hours of speeches at the podium is not process. It is venting.

In the meantime, the county employees can relax. Mitch will do nothing to stop the sleeping around. Feel free.

You make it sound like he will be running a Broethel.