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That is what you said. I don't think that is what Trump said. Why would Trump want that documented?
Dopey it's a quote from the post that you put up in the Headline News: Trump Impeachment thread! So much for intelligence. Thanks for making my point.
I am like Trump. I never admit I made a mistake.

Awesome retort. See if this excerpt helps you any:

In the September 2016 conversation, Cohen and Trump were discussing a plan by Cohen to attempt to purchase the rights to McDougal’s story from AMI for roughly $150,000, according to one person familiar with recording.

Trump can be heard urging Cohen to make sure he properly documents the agreement to buy the rights and urges him to use a check — rather than cash — to keep a record of the transaction, the person said.

It is unclear why Cohen and Trump sought to purchase the story from AMI and then did not complete the transaction.

It from the Washington Post and a critical thinker is going to come up with three observations:

1. They are not discussing paying off the hooker; they are discussing purchasing a story that she is trying to sell to the National Enquirer (parent company AMI)
2. Trump clearly wants the entire transaction on the books, not hidden
3. While it was discussed, they never paid a dime.

But you are not a critical thinker, you are a Trump hater, and thus will never concede a thing.