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We all remember the Trojan horse story which led to the defeat of an independent city of Troy. Now we see another scenario which has been at play for decades, why did we allowed immigrants to enter our country unrestricted to do our laborious and back breaking work such as gardeners, house maids, butlers, cleaners, baby sitters, cooks, bean, lettuce, strawberry, cabbage pickers and now turn around and tell them to go back? In reality, these people know the mentality and actions of it's US citizens, they're too lazy & underpaid yet no Americans are stepping up to fulfill those plentiful jobs. So cwjga, since you are gainfully employed but still need more money to reach my lifestyle, I suggest that you take your behind to say......Flint NY, they are looking for cabbage workers and you can surely use the money that Trump is still promising you. wink
I know how to bring out the buffoonery of A Trump supporter.State Fact