Totally agreed, facts means nothing to a Trumpster because it throws a wrench into their endeavor in engaging you with intelligent debate (You're a smart man) a debate calls for decisive and logical thinking, instead at best, they offer a argument defying all which is factual. I've learned years ago that opposing views are actually beneficial in problem solving but when any said idiot comes to the table suggesting that the group goes South when we're in Geneva and heading to Canada, sticking a paper clip into a live outlet to see if it is in fact live,using speaker wire in place of AVG.12/14,getting a 2 year old to baby sit,using sand in place of topsoil to plant grass and lastly, putting kerosene in a gasoline driven car are all ludicrous. Being that many are fair thinkers, give them a few days to get their thoughts together but after a few nights of worrying in regard to danger, potential death, destruction and just plain idiocy, logic dictate doing or saying something because you're smart enough to know that their suggestions are pure lunacy. whistle

Now you understand my impatience when watching the aforementioned actions, they're nerve wracking and a danger to our health when we place irresponsible people in charge......Look at the success in the White House........ A simpleton will construe that as agreeing to their contention but both you and I realize that I'm being sarcastic
I know how to bring out the buffoonery of A Trump supporter.State Fact