The United States has slowly with intent morphed into a dictatorship run country, now joining the ranks of Russia and North Korea. The Republican party once pride themselves as the party of Lincoln now are the party of Trump. Illegality is the new norm in & around the administration with cabinet members accused of multiple crimes and ethics with no repercussion. Trump has unilaterally done things way outside the definition of democracy while his racism has given relevance to White Supremacy, last minute illegal immigration rules that Republican fail to question, Trump's family while living off the dole of tax payers, continue to enrich themselves by the unethical practices not allowed in past presidencies but conscientious Republicans are afraid to speak out due to repercussion. Now from our past criticism of dictator countries including that of now deceased Fidel Castro in Cuba, what makes us different in 2018? I admire each and every individual here or in Washington that have concern for the danger of losing the rights our forefather left their countries and formed America. The very things they ran away from, they now allow Trump to systematically exact on it's citizen. Mark my words, we will eventually realize a civil war like no other, including the Civil War of 1861 because smart people understand freedom and any attempts at rescinding those rights will be meet with resistance. Now you understand the premise of a falsely perceived "Make America great Again" but history will confirm that it was not born great but slowly evolved into it's greatness when it recognized every human as valuable and relevant.
Now ask Donald Trump or a supporters about:

Favoritism toward Russia
North Korea
Hate for Canada, Germany
EPA Scott Pruitt's crimes
Paul Manafort crimes
Micheal Cohen and watch the silence.

All the very reason(s) our Democracy is being compromised.