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I am laughing my a## off this morning, Trump has found a new play toy, the ability to pardon people at will but the buffoon just made himself the laughing stock once again by stating that he's thinking about pardoning Mohammad Ali. crazy
BREAKING NEW!!! the idiot just postpone a meeting with France's PM , how many are surprised?



We liberals gave the Trump supporters the benefit of the doubt by agreeing that Trump had some tidbit of a college education but in actuality, we get to see that we were right from the beginning, our idiot doesn't have the intellect of a high schooled teen who actually possess the grades to get an acceptance to a college honestly without DADDY"S influence and money.
I haven't had this much fun since an unscrupulous bidder was given the inside info on a state ran job, he lost his license and the individual providing the data was fired, we contractor knew those dealings for a few years but man!!!! "when the grit hit the fan" can't say that it wasn't exhilarating, you can only get away with unethical behavior but just so long before you are caught and I don't care how many pro Trump and anti Clinton cartoons are submitted, he is on the down hill slide to his own ruination.

I know how to bring out the buffoonery of A Trump supporter.State Fact