Highwire with Del Bigtree

… to 27:00: Lead in water (70% lead in Chicago’s water), US birth rates lowest in history, James Williams, autistic adult, and author, talks about growing up autistic.

AND don’t miss this...

28:00 54:00 Zack Bush, M.D. talks about cancer, doctors, their tool box, environmental cause, doctors leaving the system, what changed in the food, soil, Glyphosate’s impact on soil and our health plays into health at 44:00, Pharmica owns Monsanto and Bayer, the nine amino acids we need, glyphosate is blocking 3 to 4 of these essential acids, 49:00 what you can do to get the nutrients into your body.

“...and in that journey we can map almost every disease epidemic we have right now...to the food industry…”

“...because cancer is ultimately just the end stage of an inflammatory loss of communication at the cell level…”

“...and so we are putting this chemical directly on our food and damaging it and then we’re also indirectly through the water system, contaminating the soil itself and all of plant life on earth to block that shikimate pathway where we can’t make the essential amino acids...we need them from our food and we are blocking at least three or four of those by the use of Glyphosate…”

Arty turns 11 this summer.