Let's get back to the aspect of cartoons and jokes. I am in no way a scholar but in the field of electronics, I'm an expert and have the lifestyle to commensurate with it, you? MY POINT, I was very lucky, blessed or whatever name you chose to call it but why are you living a life that requires one to do their posting before and after work? Seeing that we're all relatively the same age, what did you do wrong to place you in a position of labor for money adverse to staying busy with no monetary requirement? Just an observation son as to why your rebuttals defies your actual state of affair, a trump supporter that failed to receive his/her fair share of what the liar in chief promised. Just think, I didn't vote Trump nor Hillary and I'm in no way worse off than yourself in regard to a comfortable life. Now that's a joke reflecting negatively toward you.
I know how to bring out the buffoonery of A Trump supporter.State Fact