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LOL, you're playing into the hands of Christians, good parenting,ethical and the moral majorities, who states that our country is failing. We are experiencing the worse period in history in terms of a country divided in terms of wealth for the middle class, race relation, women being protected from men like our President and rich oligarch. Our nation has become a Trumpism country, very rich monetarily but lacking in substance with regard to morals, honesty, while teaching our youths to aspire to become miscreeds, unfits for nothing but dope heads, crack attics and thieves...kind of typical of reality shows, whereas you see loose women, fancy cars, fine homes, tattoos, non church goers with little to achieve but more money. DOW rising, banks thriving but look a the news son in the next few hours, I'll guaranteed a misdeed never suffered in past time in it's frequency such as school shootings, parents killing their children, lack of respect for the law, graduation failure rates, opioid epidemic, crime in our government, bullying among school children and adults, date rapes, those in authority stealing from their bosses and business, pedophiles molesting our young children..
but people as yourself love when the DOW spikes and tout it as Trump provision while staying quiet on anything unrelated to wealth.... this says a lot about our character as a nation while attempting to be a moral compass for the rest of the world.