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“COMMENTS Needed! Please tell the EPA you do NOT want them to register glyphosate for another 15 years. Or for any amount of time. There is overwhelming evidence that it seriously harmful to our health. Check out for many scientific studies.”

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Tsargrad TV: Russia preventing the US from establishing a global GMO dictatorship

Does the Russian media write too much about GMOs or do the American media write too little?

If Russia follows the example of some EU countries and gradually abandons glyphosate-based herbicides, “this will cause huge damage to the American GMO industry,” Rowlands said.

Rowlands believes that the anti-Russian trend formed in American politics is a convenient tool in the hands of “GMO supporters”.

“For the American GMO industry and for the U.S. government, this is an excellent opportunity to tie a movement that they do not like (referring to the movement against GMOs), to a foreign government that challenges them on many fronts (i.e., Russia),” Rowlands stated.

Commenting on the research of the Iowa State University, the RT press service said that the Russian TV channel does not campaign against biotechnology companies: “RT does not conduct any campaign against GMO products. We regularly cover this topic, as it worries our international audience. Following the motto of Question More, we tell viewers what the mainstream media does not say. This is what the results of the study by the American scientists confirms.”

Ready for GMO 2.0?

Plus, there are bigger fish to fry. Westgate states that the growing threat of GMO 2.0, is a supply-chain issue to keep an eye on. GMO 2.0 includes such genetic engineering techniques as synthetic biology, gene-editing, and Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR), though industry opinion about whether CRISPR is a viable non-GMO technique or can be considered GMO 2.0 is somewhat split.

Says Taormina, “CRISPR and other ‘gene-editing’ technologies will introduce many new varieties of crops in the coming years.” He says apples and potatoes, for instance, have been modified to “silence” the expression of certain genes for various purposes.

But GMO 2.0 isn’t your run-of-the-mill gene-editing, Westgate adds. “Unlike traditional genetic engineering, these techniques are often not "transgenic", meaning the products of GMO 2.0 don’t contain genes from multiple species (e.g., a mix of bacteria, viruses, animal, and plant genes, etc.) the way 'traditional’ GMOs do".

This is a big problem, she adds, because while some products of these technologies may not be transgenic, “they are still products of biotechnology as defined by the Codex Alimentarius...the Codex definition is the same one used by the Non-GMO Project. Besides the fact that many products of GMO 2.0 are being sold as "non-GMO", an additional supply chain challenge with these types of ingredients is that testing labs have not yet developed commercial tests for them.”

$1.5B settlement in suit over Syngenta modified corn seed

A $1.5 billion settlement was reached in a class-action lawsuit covering tens of thousands of farmers, grain-handling facilities and ethanol plants that sued Swiss agribusiness giant Syngenta over its introduction of a genetically engineered corn seed.

They may pollinate but can NEVER duplicate honey and all it's benefits!

Walmart silently filed a patent for robotic bees meant to pollinate crops

In a move first reported on by CB Insights, Walmart has filed a patent for autonomous bees. Technically called ‘pollination drones', these robots are meant to do just that: pollinate crops in lieu of real bees. They would carry pollen from one plant to another, relying on cameras and other sensors to identify crops and their flowers.

The patent appears alongside five other patents for farming drones, including one that would keep an eye out for pests and another tasked with monitoring crop health. It's not yet clear what Walmart plans to do with these patents; Business Insider tried to contact Walmart, but so far they didn't respond to their request for comment.

Oregon Becomes the Second State to Sue Monsanto for Poisoning the Environment with Toxic PCB Chemicals

“Monsanto knew decades before PCBs were banned that they were toxic to the environment, but they failed to disclose highly pertinent information,” said Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum about the company’s dealings. ” The report said that PCBs are being measured in the bodies of fish and in river sediments across the state, and that more money is needed in order to support the cleanup.

Monsanto called the lawsuit “baseless” in a prepared statement.

However, the battle to hold the company responsible for PCBs has been taking place for many years, and Oregon’s neighbor to the north, Washington, has already filed a similar lawsuit, as have eight major West Coast cities.

The new suit alleges that Monsanto has known its chemicals were harmful going back as far as 1937; the company did not stop producing them until 1977.

Seneff: “It's fascinating science - these clever weeds obtained glyphosate resistance by producing separate strands of circular DNA outside of their normal genome coding for the EPSPS gene that gets suppressed by glyphosate. They overproduce the enzyme and protect themselves in this fashion. I hope that it won't be long before so many weeds are able to acquire this trick such that glyphosate is rendered useless in agriculture!”

Researchers make breakthrough in glyphosate resistance in pigweeds

"We found that glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth plants carry the glyphosate target gene in hundreds of copies," Jugulam said. "Therefore, even if you applied an amount much higher than the recommended dose of glyphosate, the plants would not be killed."

The killing of our trees…

“Life itself is being killed off. You can see it in the trees.”

This is a 20 minute video that includes portions of several documentaries. All source and video links are provided.

Know your farmer. Organic non gmo farmer in our area: Autumn’s Harvest Farm, Romulus and Felenz Family Farm in Phelps.

Trump Administration Eliminates Animal Welfare Rules

The rule was poised to hurt large-scale organic egg farms that house up to 180,000 birds in one barn, said the Organic Trade Association (OTA), which represents organic farmers. Some of these farms house as many as three egg-laying hens per square foot with no time spent outdoors.

Fruits and Vegetables With the Most Pesticide Residue

Can you escape the presence of pesticides on foods, and is it always worth it to shell out the money for organics? Some produce is worse than others, so it pays to know which ones have the most chemicals.

This is the EWG's list of popular fruits and vegetables with the most pesticide residue:

New German ag minister wants to end use of glyphosate

She was credited with negotiating the agriculture section of coalition deal for the new government. The deal contains a goal of ending glyphosate use as a weed-killer in Germany, but gives no timetable. Alternatives must be developed first, the agreement says.

Other agricultural policies agreed for the new government include a continuation of the ban on growing crops with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in Germany and an expansion of organic farming.

Prevent expansion of honeybee-killing pesticides - Petition

The European Union and Canada are already taking steps to limit or ban neonicotinoid pesticides due to their negative impact to pollinators. By expanding their use in the U.S., the EPA would be causing grave harm to the environment and our food supply.

Seneff: “Zen Honeycutt is making waves in the wine and beer industries! It's very difficult to get organic beer these days. It will be remarkable if Michelob breaks into this market. France and Spain are the "go to" countries for organic wines.”

Arsenic in Wine? Michelob Moves to Organic? Why the Alcohol Industry Is Making Changes

New Test Results Show What Popular Beer and Wine Brands Have in Common: Monsanto’s Roundup

March 15, 2018 , Mission Viejo Ca- It has been a rough few years for the alcohol industry, but change is a-brewing. In 2015 Los Angeles CBS news broke the announcement of a lawsuit against 31 brands of wines for high levels of inorganic arsenic. In 2016, 12 California wines tested were all found to be positive for glyphosate herbicide. Vinters and brewers alike began noticing the growing demand for organic. Just this week, Anheuser-Busch announced that their brand Michelob has launched a new beer Ultra Pure Gold made with organic wheat. What do these events all have in common?

Monsanto’s Roundup.

If you remember, French scientist Seralini et al released shocking findings in January of 2018 that all the brands of the glyphosate-based Roundup they tested, over a dozen, had high levels of arsenic, over 5x the allowable limit. Was Roundup the source of arsenic in wine? One must wonder... In 2016, beer testing in Germany also revealed residues of glyphosate in every single sample tested, even independent beers. But what about the US?

Moms Across America is releasing new findings of glyphosate in all of the most popular brands of wines in the world, most of which are from the US, and in batch test results in American beer. The findings were at first, confusing. But one thing that was clear was that the beer and wine industries must and in many cases are, moving away from Monsanto’s Roundup in order to avoid contamination by this chemical herbicide, a known neurotoxin, carcinogen, and endocrine disruptor, which causes liver disease. Despite Monsanto’s impassioned appeal of “irreparable harm”, CA federal Judge Shubb allowed glyphosate to remain on the CA Prop 65 carcinogen list in a ruling out just two weeks ago.

So which brands tested positive for glyphosate? Full lab report can be found here. Summary of results below:

The practice of spraying glyphosate-based herbicides between the rows for weed control while the vines are dormant, according to plant pathologist Don Huber PhD., is causing an uptake of glyphosate into the plant, grapes, and present in the wine. The higher than the national average rates of breast cancer in the California wine region show even more reason for considerable concern. Also worrisome is the contamination of organic wine. Organic grape growers do not use glyphosate herbicides but are apparently being affected by either rain, irrigation water or drift, by neighboring vineyards or farms that use glyphosate.

Babies fed soy-based formula have changes in reproductive system tissues

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

"Soy formula contains high concentrations of plant-based estrogen-like compounds, and because this formula is the sole food source for many babies in the first six months of life, it's important to understand the effects of exposure to such compounds during a critical period in development," said Virginia A. Stallings, MD, director of the Nutrition Center at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). Stallings is a senior author of a new study published online March 1 in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

The study was funded and led by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), part of the National Institutes of Health. The first author is Margaret A. Adgent, MSPH, PhD, formerly of NIEHS, now at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Adgent said, "Modern soy formula has been used safely for decades. However, our observational study found subtle effects in estrogen-responsive tissues in soy-fed infants, and we don't know if these differences are associated with long-term health effects."

Seneff: “Hmmm. Egg consumption of eggs produced in North America (but not elsewhere!) is linked to prostate cancer. Glyphosate, anyone?”


Could this production method, or other factors in the production, distribution and consumption of eggs, contribute to the production of unhealthy eggs in the US? We don’t know, but there is a measurable chemical differences in eggs from hens that are raised in cages vs. those that are free-ranged or are enriched with n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA).

Since these effects were limited to North America, it raises the question of whether there is something in the way American eggs are raised or prepared that could account for their particular harmfulness…

The Real Organic Project: Disgusted With the USDA, Farmers Make Their Own Organic Label

“I got involved when I started seeing a lot of hydroponic tomatoes certified as organic showing up in the market, about five years ago,” says Dave Chapman, a longtime organic farmer who runs Long Wind Farm, in Vermont. “We made a really good faith effort to reform the organic program, but we realized [certification of hydroponics] was not the only egregious failure—the NOP [National Organic Program] was very weak on animal welfare, too.”

For the many people who have spent years working hard to build the integrity of the NOP, this is a dismal moment. We have lost the helm, and the New Organic will not have much to do with the ideals of such pioneers as Albert Howard and Eve Balfour. It will have to do with money. Money will decide what is called “certified organic” and what isn’t.

EPA Settles Syngenta Pesticide Claim For Pennies On The Dollar

The GMO company will pay $150,000 instead of the $4.8 million that had been sought for exposing Kauai workers to pesticides.

Impossible Burger executive grilled at Sustainable Foods Summit

But Halla's PowerPoint slides didn't mention that the Impossible Burger's key ingredient is a genetically engineered protein called soy leghemoglobin or "heme." The presentation also didn't mention that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration told Impossible Foods that the company hadn't demonstrated the safety of heme after it applied to the FDA seeking GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status. Despite FDA's concerns, Impossible Foods sold its GMO-derived burger for public consumption anyway.

Several audience members took Halla to task over Impossible Foods marketing its burger despite FDA concerns, short-term feeding studies, and lack of transparency about the use of the GMO ingredient.

Seneff: “"Soylent" - a pro-GMO marketing ploy that's hard to believe!”

The Hidden Dangers of of Soylent "Meal Replacement"

I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S WORSE: a product full of GMOs and chemically-derived additives that proudly lauds its healthfulness and humanitarian benefits, or, a manufacturer that blatantly hides the fact they are using GMO ingredients by keeping them off the label?

In the case of Soylent, a meal replacement drink made with GMO soy and other genetically-modified ingredients, the makers want you to know how proud they are to use GMOs in their product. Reading like a Monsanto ad, the post on Soylent’s website spouts a litany of pseudo-scientific propaganda about the safety of GMOs that GreenMedInfo has spent the last ten years debunking.

Putting the issue of GMOs to the side for a moment, Soylent’s suitability as a meal replacement still has the insurmountable problem of its use of synthetic chemicals as nutritional additives. Ingredients such as sucralose (aka Splenda), petrochemically-derived vitamin E, and known substances possessing carcinogenicity such as manganese sulfate, chromium chloride, sodium molybdate, and sodium selenite, deliver the “nutrients.” Although these industrial byproducts have been approved for use in both human and animal foods, it is an indefensible position that these toxic compounds fulfill daily nutritional requirements. As GreenMedInfo’s research database shows, the scientific evidence warning against the use of mass-market vitamins, whether in pill or liquid form, is too substantial to ignore.

The Lie of Synthetic Vitamins…

The U.S Approves a Powerful New Pesticide Deadly to Monarch Butterflies

The dominance of genetically modified crops requires ever-more-toxic pesticides that are wiping out the iconic insect’s sole source of food.

France to make half of all food in public sector organic or local by 2022

Samsel (commenting on a scene from the film): “Sam was probably told not to make waves or they'll find his body in a swamp. Polluters are notorious for threatening death and generally you are told they will get your family first, then you ! That's my personal experience working on EPA contracts.”

Black Cancer Matters - “Company Town”

“Company Town,” released in theaters in 2017 and available March 20 on iTunes, was co-directed by Natalie Kottke-Masocco and Erica Sardarian. It opens with gospel vocalists singing the words “run down to the river,” a deeply ironic injunction in Crossett, Ark., a setting where a Georgia-Pacific paper and chemical plant — owned by the billionaire Koch brothers — stands accused of polluting local waters. The movie depicts rural people dependent for a livelihood on an industry that they believe is sickening them by contaminating their environment. Most of the men and women dealing with cancer in the area are African-Americans.

Government spokespeople, the Koch brothers and the supervisors of Georgia-Pacific dispute the directors’ argument and evidence. Yet “Company Town” mounts a passionate protest on behalf of overlooked victims of corporate negligence and greed.

Deleted scenes:


LA Times: 'Company Town' takes aim at factory owners in Arkansas

The film, shot from 2011-15, follows the efforts of Bouie, Cheryl Slavant, scientists and others to engage the regional staff of the Environmental Protection Agency in their fight against Georgia-Pacific. But the results are limited — and the troubles still ongoing.

Talking glyphosate, corruption, & citizen duty – in 17 minutes - By Canadian Activist Tony Mitra

Well – we are facing an existential crisis, and the buck stops are our feet. Question is, what are we, as individual citizens, prepared to do?

Here is my take, on Glyphosae, political and scientific corruption, and the need for citizen activism.

Glyphosate, being a mineral chelator, was denying our body from picking up essential nutrients from food by chelating (stealing) the minerals.

About a third of all our proteins (say around 40,000 kinds, give or take) function with a metallic ion placed in them. When our body creates a new protein of this kind, say to replace damaged one, it needs a metallic ion such as Manganese, or Iron, etc. to be attached to them in order for the proteins to function properly. This mineral is to be picked up from our food. However, glyphosate, if present in the same food, is able to steal that mineral. So, newly formed proteins would be denied its essential mineral, and remain non-functional as a result. Non-functional proteins lead to a pathway of diseases.

We humans and all animals have evolved in symbiosis with the bacterial kingdom, and a mass of bacteria use our body as host and in return perform essential services such as helping digest our food and assist our immune system.

Glyphosate kills bacteria, and thus it indirectly harms all of us, if we consume glyphosate along with our food. The claim that glyphosate is safe is patently false and to make it stick, industry has acquired a stranglehold on scientific research, destroying its neutrality and objectivity. More on this later.

Our immune system has not learned to identify glyphosate as a harmful substance because it is a synthetic molecule that did not exist in nature in the 4 billion year evolutionary history of life on earth. Our evolutionary process did not have to deal with it. That is why we have no defence against Glyphosate. This molecule was invented by man, only two generations ago, and as such is of extraterrestrial nature. It aught to be made extraterrestrial again – sending it out of planet earth. Let them make it and store it on Jupiter.

As if all this was not enough, glyphosate is a biological mimic of glycine, a canonical amino acid that is among the most common of the 22 amino acids that form the basic building block of all life. By molecular mimicry, it slips past all our defences and gets mis-incorporated into our proteins. This invasion of glyphosate into our proteins turns them into rogue proteins, which can lead to a cascading series of diseases including synthetic diseases that did not exist before.

For scientific confirmation – one may read peer reviewed papers of Anthony Samsel and Stephanie Seneff, linked in my blog

For me, glyphosate is unacceptable for a simpler and more ominous reason. A product may not be approved by a government for general release without disclosure of its safety documents and providing the proof that it is safe. However, test data and documents that prove glyphosate is safe for consumers, have not been disclosed by any nations anywhere, despite it being approved for use since the 1970s. To me, this itself makes approval of glyphosate illegal.

Also, no government was engaged in broad based testing of food to detect levels of concentration of glyphosate, the most used herbicide on the planet. This is not just irresponsible and unacceptable. It should be criminal.

Personally I could not get any organization, anti-GMO groups and various talking heads to join me in asking the government in Canada to disclose hitherto hidden safety document on glyphosate. Neither could I find anyone to join me asking the Canadian government to start testing our foods for glyphosate. That is how I decided to go alone.

In 2013 Canada did not even have a lab that could test glyphosate in food, mainly because neither our government nor the medical establishment had so far been interested in testing foods for glyphosate. As a result, labs did not gear themselves up for a non-existent market.

I subsequently started a single handed two pronged effort to get the Canadian government, as the time under Stephen Harper and the conservatives, to get off its backside and first disclose all safety documents and data based on glyphosate was approved for the first time, back in the 1970s. Then, on a separate appeal, I asked the ministry of health to get some labs ready to test foods for glyphosate and to answer why Canadians could not test presence of the most used herbicide in our food.

The first effort is still dragging on. The government does agree I have a right to see the safety documents. And yet, it drags it feet forever. I also learned that I was the first person in Canada to officially as for this information, although the molecule has been approved back in the 1970s.

The second effort was more successful. In fact, it moved mountains, primarily due to a dedicated member of parliament, Mr. Alex Atamanenko, who took up my cause and demanded that the then minister of health answers me why Canadians cannot test food for glyphosate. This resulted in the ministry of health finally responding to me in a letter and also arranging to have its food inspection agency to start broad based testing of all foods available in Canada, produced locally and imported, for presence of glyphosate.

As soon as I learned that the wheels of the Government was finally beginning to turn in favour of testing our food for glyphosate, I asked the Canadian government discloses all test results to me – not just for the emerging records on glyphosate but for all biocides in food that the government had already tested for. And thus December 2016 I got almost 8,000 just concluded test results of glyphosate in foods and later another almost 100,000 records of results of other biocides in foods.

Analysis of the glyphosate records proved to be a shocker.

First, seed based foods and food products produced in the US and Canada were an order of dimension more toxic with glyphosate than same foods produced anywhere else on the planet. North America produces the most poisonous foods on the planet. I call glyphosate to be poisonous on the grounds that its safety data has been kept hidden. By that omission, I consider approval of glyphosate as illegal and the product as unsafe and downright a slow and deadly poison. Also, That it in fact is a deadly slow poison, has been explained by scientists such as Samsel and Seneff in their peer reviewed papers.

Not only that, I found out that conventional non-GMO crops such as wheat, rye, oats, barley, chickpea etc have an order of dimension more glyphosate than GM crops like soy and corn. Thus conventional non-GMO foods were, in my view, very much more poisonous than GM crops.

In my view, going after Monsanto is a useless exercise, because Monsanto does not necessarily break the law. What is does is corrupt our governments and gets our politicians to change the law to suit its business model. I believe its claim of safety of glyphosate to be fraudulent. I believe that is why it influences governments to hide this safety record from the people and prevents independent scrutiny of these data. Our governments is thus knowingly or unknowingly helping slow poisoning of the people, by allowing widespread use of glyphosate in agriculture.

Therefore, if one has to identify the rogues that are responsible for poisoning our food, our health, and our future, one needs to focus on our ineffective and possibly corrupt political process and perhaps corrupt or illiterate politicians that could not distinguish glyphosate from their elbow, who are unfortunately in charge of the regulatory mechanism and end up changing the laws of the nation to allow glyphosate to be used in agriculture.

Other scientists have found problems not just with glyphosate, but also with other chemicals packaged around it to make the branded product such as RoundUp. While this may be correct, it is glyphosate and glyphosate alone, that goes to regulatory mechanism and passes approval that ends up as RoundUp herbicide. In my view the cumulative damage that glyphosate does, not just at the toxicological level but in destroying our biology by molecular mimicry, sets this molecule apart from other adjuvants that goes into the packaging of RoundUp and even other herbicides.

And while we have other herbicides, pesticides, insecticides that are all possibly harming the ecosystem, glyphosate again stands out by the sheer volume of it that is produced and used, compared to all other biocides.

GMO are also based on fraudulent logic, exploitative ethics, twisted science as well as designed to undermine food security and freedom of a nation. However, there are hundreds and hundreds of them, each following different sets of scientific detail. If I have to fight a single battle and not a thousand battles, then I would choose glyphosate to be in my primary target. Glyphosate is the 900 pound gorilla in our food web and environment. Killing it would effectively also kill the GMO project. We shall be on the way to have all foods grown everywhere to be naturally organic as well as belonging to the people and the region that grows these foods, and not property of western corporations and banks .

Agri-corporations and their enablers in our government is quick to show the weighty evidence of science papers that claim glyphosate is safe. Promoters of this model of agriculture peddling increased sale of toxic chemicals, support a viewpoint that there is a baseless conspiracy theory and paranoia created in the minds of people by some miscreants and hapless scientists, which is resisting progress and modernism in agriculture and fighting glyphosate. There is a misconception that a little bit of toxicity in food in way of glyphosate is both acceptable and necessary, in view of the increased population of the world. All these claims by the promoters of toxic agriculture are fraudulent and not supported by honest facts and honest science. But my response to this chemical onslaught is simple. I say – disclose the safety documents, or shut up.

As to the weight of scientific evidence and the so called science based assessment – this is what I have to say.

Scientific research on safety of technologies such as glyphosate and GMO needs to be public funded and public owned. Instead, it is funded by the industry. Our politicians have allowed this travesty to come about. The public has bought into this on the false idea that this makes science free for the people and reduced our tax burden. This is false. There is no free lunch. You pay junk money for science, and you get junk science.

The industry is not interested in funding scientists that wish to check if products such as glyphosate has a problem. As a result, research on possible negative effects of glyphosate does not get any funding. Science has thus become one sided. It has lost its neutrality and objectivity. This, to me, is not science. This is voodoo, and so called “scientists” promoting it are not true scientists. They are pedlars.

Lastly, all this talk sidesteps a few important points – and these are to do with my perception of what constitutes democracy, the role of citizenry and what should be my personal duty to uphold our democratic process where the people are the masters of the government, and not some poison peddling corporation.

The most important stakeholder in democracy is the citizen. It is my view that we, each of us, incur a debt to society and to democracy, as we grow up. The society does a lot to groom us. And we are to pay this debt back through the course of our lives by doing something in return for our society, our neighbourhood and our nation. We take a lot from the the society. We are supposed to put back more than we take, so that we leave the kitty is a bit richer and not sucked dry in our lifetime.

And there is the crux. We as individuals, within our individual capacity, are to engage in citizen activism to uphold and improve the wheels of the nation. This is our job, and not the job of the politicians. The politicians job is to represent us, take our views, and execute our wishes as our temporary servants. Our job is to be ever vigilant to ensure that these temporary servants are not robbing us and selling us off.

If we are caught napping, and stop controlling the politicians, then our politics will start being controlled by someone else or something else – which does not have our best interest at heart. Democracy then begins to fail, or morphs into forms of dictatorship, or fascism or other forms of rogue governments.

As they say – if you have a nation of sheep, you get a government of wolves. So, I appeal to you, the people, to get busy paying your debt to the nation, and start holding the feet of your politician to the fire.

We are facing an existential crisis. The very well beings of your children and grandchildren depends on you doing your duty in your own lifetime. Nothing else will do. The buck stops at your feet.

Thank you.
Arty turns 11 this summer.