I have a very simplistic example of stupid for ya, how much do you garner in regard to bring home pay (tax cut) which go up a half of percent but your health insurance raising 3 percent? Remember this was the argument used by Republicans a few years ago in relation to health insurance cost but refusing to make insurance companies accountable, seeing that millions lost their insurance through the effort of the Republicans, those health care costs are passed on to the general public by means of social welfare taking over the cost of doctor, hospital and ER expenses. Now we have an idiot in the White House who's own policies coincide with the pre exist dysfunction and cost the consumers even more in price increases for automobiles, refrigerators and any other item containing these metal. More evident of ignorance is the fact that you agree with Trump's systemic cost to the consumer's considerable out of pocket expense that you pay until we can produce steel plants here in our country......you recall those plants that left the country due to greed perpetuated by Republicans who allowed corporations to rape the consumers?