In order to "take away your 2nd Amendment," two-thirds of the House and Senate would need to approve of a proposed Constitutional amendment to repeal the 2nd Amendment. If that happened, the proposed amendment would go to each of the 50 state legislatures, where it would face an up-or-down vote. Three-quarters of those states -- 38 -- would need to approve of the amendment repealing the 2nd Amendment. If they did, the 2nd Amendment would be gone.

Two-thirds of the House and Senate would never agree on this. And even if they did, there is a 0% chance that 38 state legislatures would OK such a plan. Republicans currently have majorities in both the state House and state Senate in 32 states. Thirty-two!

Trump, of course, isn't really engaged in the math of repealing a constitutional amendment. And he's banking on the fact that none of the CPAC crowd cheering for that line has any real sense of the logistical unlikelihood of Democrats getting rid of of their right to bear arms.

What Trump is doing is trying to scare people into voting. If you don't turn out to vote this November, Democrats are going to take control of Congress. Then they'll repeal the 2nd Amendment. And that's when they come to your house and collect your gun(s).

In doing so, Trump is aping a longtime tactic of the NRA -- casting the entire gun debate as a slippery slope. Give an inch on gun control -- universal background checks, for example -- and open Pandora's box to the true motive of gun control fanatics: National gun collection.

"You should be anxious and you should be frightened," NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre told the CPAC crowd 24 hours before Trump spoke. "What they want is more restrictions on the law-abiding. They want to sweep right under the carpet the failure of school security."