Go Trump!!!!!!! yes indeed, since January 20, 2017, racism has been heightened due to a racist president leading the charge, 34% of Trump's surrogates have been either discharged from their duties, fired or arrested, the federal budget was a promised issue to address but some how it was bloated by simply adding almost 2 trillion dollars through a tax cut, 100 million people have no health insurance, Puerto Rico is still in a state of devastation after 6 months of doing very little to assist. DACA recipients are still waiting for permanent status, Trump is a huge pathological liar who cheats on his wife while his lawyer...... yes.....wait for this one, paid the buy off fee himself, experts have proved that Russia hacked our political system and are prepared to hack it again in November, 4 Trump surrogates have been arrested, two pleading guilty and the list goes on...but but but forget that we employ wife beaters and crooks, look at that DOW. Go Trump!!!!!!! I see that your "sabbatical" did little for reflection and garnering logic and common sense.


We Liberals have always maintain that high school aged children acted more mature than many Republicans, your immature expressions just confirmed that.