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Dow plunges 1,175 points as stocks fall, wiping out all of this year's gains:

little do you know about stocks

the Dow 30 all have seen returns ranging from 4% to 120% over the past 12 months

GE was the only DOW 30 stock that has a negative return over the past 12 months
all caused by poor decisions by GE

boeing went up 120% over the past 12 months

so boing went down 5% over the past week making the 12 month return around 115%

bet you wish you doubled your money every 12 months just by properly investing

you also fail to understand that a large majority of the trading done today is by computer generated 'trigger' points

if you invested you would know that you could set one of your stocks to be either sold or more purchased just by setting the 'trigger' points

if your stock goes down by say 2.4% then the computer would sell it before you saw a much larger lose in that stock

if your stock was going up by say 2.4% the 'trigger' point you set could buy more shares of stock because there my be good earnings news or other postive news to make the stock rise

the trend line currently is around the 23,500 mark for the dow

the large mutual funds and large investmentvfunds have computer 'trigger' points set and if their stocks goes up or down depending on their 'trigger' points it can make one stock have large moves either up or down becuase that fund usually has a large amount of money invested in prority stocks like apple, google, amazon , facebook, netflix...

the large moves seen over the past few days are more likely the computer 'trigger' points being used when the stocks move up or down outside of their normal trading range

the economy is strong and there are fears that the fed will increase interest rates

the interst rates have been artificially low for many many years because the economy has only been growing about 1% per year

the current projection is around a 5% growth in the economy over the next year

a strong economy usually means strong earnings for companies and their stocks move higher

Schumer said we would never see 3% growth again. He is right if the Dem's had their way.