You know, Timbo, you can say what you want about the scientists. It really comes down to the people. The people who got sick, change their diet and recovered. That at home, people tried and true science is what is the important factor and it's why we joined this movement. Our bodies feel and act differently when we stop eating gmo foods. You poisoners can't win on this fact. We did our own science experiment at home. I don't need Seneff, Seralini, Samself or any other scientist to tell me these foods are bad for your health. I already knew it when I found these scientists. I had already done the at home experiment.

Right now some folks are taking control of their aging parent's health, changing their diet back to organic and they are seeing significant improvements in physical function and in memory function. I can't wait to share this information with you all in the future.

It's an individual or parental choice. We have a right to know our food was changed and we have the right to decide if we want to eat it. We have a right to know how corporations have taken over our government to pass laws and regulations that benefit only their company/stock holders AND we have a right to hear from scientists, who are independent from the US bought off government and for profit corporations.

People can look at both sides and decide for themselves.


Why would the chemical/seed industry encourage or hire people to post articles that put down a scientist’s or a parent’s credibility and character?

Simple, American parents found out how their children were being poisoned by their food (and now also the vaccines). One by one, another parent educated another parent and the movement was born. This is a global movement. Parents in all countries are learning about and rejecting gmo foods for good reason. It’s making us and our children ill. The chemical/gmo seed industry does not want you to know what is making you and your family sick because these companies are connected. One company poisons your food, while another fills you with drugs and vaccines. We are their cash cows.

Can we believe that companies that are in the business of selling chemicals and poison seeds have our family’s best interests in mind?

Easy answer. Hell no, profit is the goal at all costs, even if the cost is your death.

Learn about it and YOU decide what’s best for your family.

"Upstate New York tested .33 for Glyphosate in the water - 3X higher than allowed in Europe."

Moms Across America:

We are a national coalition of unstoppable moms. Our motto is empowered moms, healthy kids and we're committed to empowering millions to educate themselves about gmo's and related pesticides, to get them labelled and offer gmo free and organic solutions. (We have male members also.) Please join us in educating the world about gmo's.

Mom explains Gmo in 6 minutes…

Here is a 30 minute talk that Zen Honeycutt of Moms Across America gave in Sydney, Australia in March, 2015.

"I'm not a scientist and I'm not a doctor. I'm an expert Mom. I'm the expert of my children. You're your children's expert. If you're not a parent, you are your expert."

"A concerned Mom does better research than the FBI."

"Gmo's are a chemical delivery system to humans."

"Upstate New York tested .33 for Glyphosate in the water - 3X higher than allowed in Europe."

"Glyphosate stays viable in dark salty water for up to 351 days, does not biodegrade like they say it does, this has been proven. So when I went in front of the Monsanto Shareholder meeting this past January and spoke to them about their products harming our children on behalf of mothers, I said to them, what is in our womb? Dark salty water, and what is the size of a fetus? It's the size of a shrimp. You must be responsible for the contamination of our children and the pollution of our planet and I believe many of them got it."

"We have the knowledge and power to do something about this."

Roundup/Glyphosate (Genetically Modified Organism = GMO)

In 1994, genetically modified seed was approved as "substantially equivalent" to real food by the FDA (Bush, Sr. Administration). This seed was created in a lab to withstand multiple sprayings of a herbicide poison named Glyphosate. There is also another type of gmo plant that actually grows the toxin in the plant, causing the bug that bites it to die. What could these foods be doing to your health?

Glyphosate is sprayed on our food, playgrounds, road sides, parks, etc. GMO foods kill healthy gut bacteria and opens the blood/brain barrier. We've been buying this gmo food in grocery stores since 1996. We’ve raised a generation of children on this new food.

In 2017, Moms Across America and another scientist tested our vaccines to see if there was any Glyphosate in them. Their results were positive. Glyphosate is in our vaccines.

This is a must watch documentary for every parent. It tells the story of how gmo foods got approved and scientists expressing concern about the health effects. Note that it is dated and you’re going to hear the word “Autism” frequently. (Most people do not understand that Autism has a scale. The scale can go from a learning disability to Aspberger’s.)

This documentary is a good first step in learning about this food.

Seeds of Death: Unveiling The Lies of GMO's Full Documentary HD

Dr. Arpad Pusztai - The first GMO whistleblower

Blowing the Whistle, He Knew the Truth About GMOs Years Ago - 2012

World renowned scientist lost his job when he warned about GE foods

Pusztai evoked world wide media attention in August 1998, when he said in British TV that he would not eat genetically engineered food because of the insufficient testing procedures they have undergone.

Pusztai is a world renowned expert on food safety, who worked at UK's leading food safety research lab, the Rowett institute. His statement obviously threatened to damage the then ongoing multimillion PR campaign of the Biotech industry to create public confidence in GE foods. A few days after his public appearance he was suspended and gagged by the research institute where he worked.

Pointed out weakness in present food regulations

Dr Pusztai pointed out that substances in Genetically Engineered (GE) foods that have a slow acting effect would not be detected because present regulations do not require long term safety testing. The regulations prescribe an approval procedure based on the principle of substantial equivalence. In practice this procedure allows very superficially tested foods to be approved. As an illustrative example, he mentioned fresh results from his research on certain pesticidal Lectins (Pusztai is recognized as a world leading expert on Lectins). Pusztai found that rats developed immune system defects and stunted growth after a time period corresponding to 10 years of human life...

Scientists Under Attack - trailer

Effects of Feeding GMO Potatoes To Rats (Part 1 and 2) - 2010

Samsel is one of the independent scientists. He became curious about Glyphosate after noticing the grass died in his garden after he had used his own urine to try to keep deer out of his garden. He fought with the EPA to get Monsanto's studies released. He's published six science Papers along with Seneff. Their newest Paper coming out soon will be of interest to anyone who has lost their gall bladder or had gall bladder cancer.

Dr. Mercola interviews Dr. Samsel...July 5, 2015

"Monsanto knew in 1981."

"I believed all the hype like all the other farmers and people around the world...that glyphosate is safe as salt, and that it broke down into harmless chemicals that did no harm. I believed all that stuff until I started studying the chemical... "

"This is like scientific misconduct."


Seralini on the Real Risk of Roundup and gmo crops - 2016

Professor Seralini says that the untested co-ingredients in glyphosate, a/k/a roundup, is a “thousand times more dangerous than glyphosate.”

World renowned French scientist Professor Seralini who conducted the only public studies on Roundup with his team, explains how faulty the EPA approval process is and how toxic the product truly is. Interviewed by Zen Honeycutt, Executive Director of Moms Across America

3 minute clip

Full interview, 30 minutes

US Court Rejects FDA Appeal on GMO Salmon Approval Documents

Last week, the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals denied the FDA’s latest attempt to hide thousands of pages of key government documents related to the agency’s first-ever approval of genetically engineered (GE) salmon for human consumption. The court’s decision is a big win for public transparency and a firm rejection of the Trump administration’s position that it can unilaterally decide whether to withhold government documents from public and court review.


The FDA is now required to fully complete the record with all relevant documents. The district court is expected to set a deadline after a hearing in late February. In addition to working to ensure the timely completion of that process, Earthjustice will thoroughly review the full basis for the agency’s decisions.

The Real State of the Union: 6 Ways Trump Is Bad for Food, Health and the Environment

If you watched the State of the Union address this week, you may have picked out a common thread: gutting regulations—many of them crucial to protecting our food and environment—for the sake of higher corporate profits. Trump’s boast that “we have cut more regulations in our first year than any other administration in history”, may be good if you’re Monsanto or Exxon, but it’s dangerous for you and me and our families.

Let’s take a look back at Trump’s first year in office. What is the State of the Food and Environment Union? Here are just a few (of the many) ways the Administration is undermining the food system, public health and the environment.

1. Trump and GMOs

'Spinning Science and Silencing Scientists' on the Dangers of Glyphosate

What happens when Monsanto doesn’t like what the World Health Organization (WHO) has to say about its flagship product, Roundup weedkiller?

The chemical company convinces U.S. lawmakers to hold a “smoke and mirrors” Congressional hearing, under the guise of “defending scientific integrity,” but really to undermine the unanimous determination by 17 international scientists, based on their analysis of independent, peer-reviewed science, that Roundup is “probably carcinogenic to humans.”

The hearing, which Monsanto asked Congress to hold, will be used to decide if WHO’s International Agency for Cancer Research (IARC)—an unbiased scientific agency charged with protecting public health by warning the public about cancer-causing chemicals—will continue to receive federal funding.

TAKE ACTION: Save the Bees! Ban Neonics!

It’s widely accepted that neonicotinoid pesticides harm bees. But here’s a part of the story you may have missed: Monsanto, Bayer and Syngenta coat their GMO corn seeds with neonics, then charge farmers extra for them—even though studies show that neonic-coated seeds provide no real benefit to farmers. Why do farmers pay extra for seeds that have no extra benefit? Because the biotech companies that have a monopoly on GMO seeds offer only neonic-coated seeds. That’s not good for farmers. Or bees. It’s also not good for humans, when neonics end up in our water and food.

After Obama’s U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) admitted that neonics kill bees the agency began work on a docket that could be used to restrict the use of neonics. But just before passing the baton to Trump, the EPA walked back an earlier proposal for mandatory rules on how neonics can be used while honeybees are pollinating crops. A decade into the colony collapse crisis, politicians on both sides know better than to pretend there’s nothing wrong with neonics. But will they do anything about it? So far, Trump’s EPA has taken every opportunity to side with industry, including chemical and biotech companies, willfully ignoring the consequences for human health and the environment. All the more reason to keep up the pressure.

TAKE ACTION BY MIDNIGHT FEBRUARY 20: Tell the Environmental Protection Agency to ban neonics!

Glyphosate Fact Sheet

European Parliament creates committee to probe glyphosate approval

Today the plenary of the European Parliament in Strasbourg backed the creation of a special committee to find out whether Monsanto, the multinational producing glyphosate, an active ingredient in broadly used pesticides, tried to influence independent scientific research and therefore EU legislation. The mandate, however, will be broader in order to analyse the system by which pesticides are approved into the European market.

The committee will "analyse and assess possible conflicts of interest at all levels of the approval procedure" and examine whether the Commission has acted in accordance with the EU pesticide regulation when taking decisions on the renewal of the approval of glyphosate.

The Socialists & Democrats' vice-president for sustainability Kathleen Van Brempt said:

“We have strong concerns on the potentially harmful impact of glyphosate on human health, and we want to know what was behind the renewal of its license. This special committee on pesticides will analyse whether the positive reports on glyphosate by the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA), and the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) were influenced by its developer.

“But this would not be enough; our political group requested a special committee because we want to go beyond the Monsanto papers. If there are flaws in the approval procedure of pesticides, we want to be able to fix them and make sure that health is always put ahead of the economic interests of big corporations. Authorisation and renewal procedures should be based on objective and independent scientific research, preferably by public research institutions. The special committee’s aim is to make the decision-making and evaluation processes transparent and objective.”

The composition of the special committee will be voted on by the Parliament on Thursday 8 February 2018.

The Difference Between Genetically Modified (GM), Heirloom and Hybrid Foods - 2015

From the advent of agriculture, farmers propagated crops using open pollination. More recently, hybridization and genetic modification have been introduced.

Another reason we need to know Country of Origin.

China’s First GM Rice Gets US FDA Approval

A genetically modified (GM) rice product developed by a group of Chinese scientists has acquired the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval, the first such Chinese product allowed to enter the US market.

Low acceptance

GM food remains highly controversial in China. The anti-GM food sentiment among the Chinese public has hindered efforts to develop and apply biotechnology.

One online comment following the news of Huahui No.1 on Sina Weibo that received the most likes demands that scientists grow the GM rice elsewhere.

“Since the Americans approved it, sell it to the Americans,” reads another popular comment.

Industry writes its own rules for assessing pesticides, GMOs

The new report shows that industry, often via the industry lobby group, the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI), not only designed the methods but also, in 75% of the cases studied, managed to infiltrate its experts into regulatory panels such as those of EU Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) to get these methods adopted. The WHO, EU Commission and EFSA failed to stop the infiltration of industry and maintained an ineffective conflict of interest policy. Not coincidentally, regulators also failed to keep their distance from industry. In 50% of the cases studied, regulators and EFSA had exclusive meetings with industry on the methods, excluding other stakeholders.

In the case of GM crops, the concepts of "substantial equivalence" and "comparative assessment" were designed and promoted by industry employees and consultants via ILSI. These same ILSI-affiliated people joined EFSA and 'helped' develop the EFSA guidelines for assessing GMOs, which are based on the ILSI-developed concepts. ILSI even stated that the guidelines developed at EFSA and the WHO represented a major success of its work.

Local author’s book draws attention to serious dangers of pesticide use - Judy Hoy

A book written by naturalist, wildlife biologist and rehabilitator Judy Hoy of Stevensville released this week titled “Changing Faces” chronicles in detail more than 20 years of work to document birth defects in wild animals as well as humans in the face of increasing pesticide use in the local area and elsewhere in the United States and calls for action to deal with the problem “before it is too late.”


In addition to her 20 years of hands-on research and data collection on the subject, Hoy has co-authored four published studies on these issues and sees her book as a vehicle to take what she considers a serious issue to a broader public. With the help of her husband, Bob, a retired Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks biologist and game warden, she began documenting and reporting new birth defects and other adverse health issues on mammals, birds and amphibians many years ago..

Seneff: “Several years ago, i wrote several essays on health and posted them on my MIT web page, but I haven't written one in a long time. I just completed a new one that I think you will find interesting, on mouse models of autism. I believe that these mouse models are telling us loud and clear that glyphosate is causing autism.”

What We can Learn from Mouse Models of Autism.

Remarkably, mice can acquire a syndrome that looks a great deal like human autism, and researchers have been able to create multiple breeds of "designer mice" that exhibit autism–like socio–communicative deficits. These mouse strains have turned out to be very useful for helping us understand the pathology of human autism, even though the mapping is not perfect. One such strain is a naturally occurring inbred strain known as BTBR T+tf/J mice (BTBR for short) [5, 6]. Another mouse model was generated by exposing a mouse dam's brain to a toxic chemical emulating a viral infection during gestation, and this resulted in the expression of autism–like behaviors in many of the pups [7, 8, 17]. In what is perhaps the most surprising experiment due to its specificity, researchers were able to create autism in mice simply by eliminating their brain's ability to produce an important biological molecule called heparan sulfate, by inactivating, only in the brain, a gene that encodes a specific enzyme that is essential for its synthesis [9]. This manipulation was done at birth. The authors wrote in the paper: "Remarkably, these mutant mice recapitulate almost the full range of autistic symptoms, including impairments in social interaction, expression of stereotyped, repetitive behavior, and impairments in ultrasonic vocalization." Many of the unique features that show up in these mouse models, particularly with respect to disruption of the gut microbes, have parallels among autistic children.


9. Conclusion

In summary, a disrupted gut microbiome (which can be caused by glyphosate) leads to a leaky gut barrier, a leaky brain barrier and a leaky placental barrier. This allows toxic substances such as aluminum, phenolic compounds and glyphosate, as well as live viruses and endotoxins from vaccines, to invade the brain, and, by breaching the placental barrier, expose the fetus to harm. An overzealous immune reaction to these insults disrupts neuronal development and causes autistic–like behaviors in the mouse pups and in children whose mothers have been similarly exposed.

The BTBR mice became autistic after many generations of inbreeding during glyphosate exposure in the lab. It would be very interesting to find out what would happen if a group of BTBR mice were provided a nutrient–dense organic diet and clean water, and allowed to reproduce through multiple generations with this healthy diet. Would the descendants eventually lose their autism diagnosis? If they did, it would tell us a great deal about the importance of an organic diet to human health, and would greatly strengthen the idea that glyphosate is a causative factor in autism.

Farms could slash pesticide use without losses, research reveals

Study shows almost all farms could significantly cut chemical use while producing as much food, in a major challenge to the billion-dollar pesticide industry

All Homeopathic Products Now Illegal?

Perhaps that’s $3 billion too much for Big Pharma, FDA’s cozy partner in crime. “[I]n one fell swoop, the FDA has declared that virtually every single homeopathic drug on the market is being sold illegally,” the Alliance for Natural Health USA (ANH USA) wrote5 — and it’s not an exaggeration. In essence, the FDA’s guidance reads:6

Monsanto's Fingerprints All Over Newsweek's Hit on Organic Food

Reporting on an email exchange released in litigation with Monsanto over cancer concerns, the Times’Danny Hakim wrote:

“Monsanto asked Mr. Miller if he would be interested in writing an article on the topic, and he said, ‘I would be if I could start from a high-quality draft.’

The article appeared under Mr. Miller’s name, and with the assertion that ‘opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.’ The magazine did not mention any involvement by Monsanto in preparing the article …

Forbes removed the story from its website on Wednesday and said that it ended its relationship with Mr. Miller amid the revelations.”

The opinion wire Project Syndicate followed suit, after first adding a disclaimer to Miller’s commentaries noting that they would have been rejected if his collaboration with Monsanto had been known.

TAKE ACTION: Save the Bees! Ban Neonics!

The neonicotinoid insecticides sold by Bayer and Syngenta, and used by Monsanto to coat their genetically engineered seeds, are killing pollinators.

Robert Reich, Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley

Michael Pollan -- author of several seminal books, including "Cooked," "The Omnivore's Dilemma," and "The Botany of Desire" -- stopped by my office to discuss food policy, agriculture, and inequality under the Trump administration.

At 13:00 he talks about the tomato workers that went after the brands by consumer boycott/pressure. Corn and soy: “junk food crops.”

Concern about herbicide damage to oak trees - 2010

UML to Study Diet's Link to Dementia with $3.9M Grant

"We know that dietary phosphorus intake is on the rise in the U.S. population and that it may be contributing to cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis," said Tucker. "Animal studies suggest that excess phosphorus may also negatively affect a hormone that protects the brain from aging."

GM crops are made to be used with pesticides. It’s all about selling chemicals.

GM crops in Brazil have driven up pesticide use

Here's an extremely useful study with a clear abstract. The study found that GM crop adoption in Brazil has driven up pesticide use 1.6-fold between the years 2000 and 2012.

The cumulative growth in pesticide use was three times higher than the growth in productivity (kg/ha) and 10 times higher than population growth for the same period. Each year, pesticide use per capita increased by 7%, while productivity increased by only 3.5%.

How Herbicides are Killing Us: Dr. Seneff Part 1 and 2 - 2014

Here is the first of two video interviews with Dr. Stephanie Seneff from MIT, who reveals how and why popular herbicides like RoundUp (and others) that contain glyphosate have a multiplier killing effect on creatures of planet earth.

The linkages between glyphosates and myriad chronic conditions are spelled out in both of these videos, some mentioned include:

- Glyphosate and intestinal dysbiosis;
- Glyphosate and autism;
- Glyphosate and acute kidney disease;
- Glyphosate and demineralization of bones and joints.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Power companies pouring cancer causing poisons - 2014

A History of GMO Commercialization - Belinda Martineau PhD, Geneticist

Belinda Martineau gives a fascinating breakdown of her experience bringing the first GMO whole food to market (Flavr Savr Tomato). She then describes why she's become skeptical of the GMO food venture as a whole.

How Statins, Pesticides and Wireless Radiation Affect Your Heart Health

More recently, Seneff and her research partner, Anthony Samsel, a research scientist and environmental and public health consultant, have found a significant amount of circumstantial evidence suggesting the chemical takes the place of glycine (an amino acid) in proteins, thereby impairing trypsin’s function, which is to digest proteins.

This increases the proteins’ allergenic potential. Glyphosate also causes leaky gut, allowing undigested proteins access to your general blood circulation. The end result is autoimmune disease, as your immune cells go into overdrive. “We have an epidemic in all kinds of different autoimmune diseases and food allergies, and I think all of that traces back to glyphosate,” she says.

From Moms Across America…

Did you know that despite the fact that 1 out of 2 males and 1 out of 3 females in America are expected to get cancer, a group of U.S. Congress members serving on the House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, have threatened to defund and dismantle the World Health Organization's Independent Science Body, the International Agency for Research of Cancer (IARC)?

U.S. defunding might have the impact of dismantling this entire body which serves the whole world on cancer issues, as part of the World Health Organization.

PREPOSTEROUS! Outrageous! Why would they do this?

Chemical company Monsanto, the primary beneficiary of the sales of glyphosate herbicides, a big donor of many Congressmen/Congresswomen on the Hill, would LOVE to see the IARC dismantled. If so, the IARC's classification of glyphosate as a probable carcinogen would no longer stand...and the CA EPA might legally be required to remove it from the California Prop 65 list. THEN, Monsanto could merrily go on selling glyphosate herbicides in not only the state of California but states across the country and countries around the world without the concern of a carcinogen stigma.

The Congress members that are pandering to the chemical corporations and are trying to defund IARC are a disgrace to democracy. They need to hear from their constituents that you will NOT support an elected official who receives donations from chemical companies or continues their attack on IARC.

It is in times like this that we must take action, we must speak up for our health and freedom.

Please call, write and meet with your Senators, especially the ones below, on the committee working to defund IARC, and stop the corruption and contamination of our country.


There are no New York Senators on the House Of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.

Brussels - Via Campesina manifests against new GMOs

Why the Non-GMO Project Verifies Low-Risk Ingredients

Our mission is to preserve and build a non-GMO food supply. By verifying low-risk products, the Non-GMO Project’s work builds consumer interest and industry investment in non-GMO food production. Biotech developers are constantly
working to patent and commercialize new organisms (apples, bacteria, cows, salmon, wheat, etc.). The persistent lack of regulation and oversight for GMOs—including unapproved variety trials conducted in open-air fields at undisclosed
locations—means there are ongoing and serious risks of contamination from experimental varieties. Contamination has happened on numerous occasions, such as the 2013 discovery of unapproved genetically engineered glyphosate-resistant wheat. The Non-GMO Project is poised to proactively respond and coordinate surveillance testing strategies to help assess the extent of the contamination. By including low-risk products in the scope of our program and databases, we are poised to respond to contamination, identify risk products and conduct testing to get any problems under control quickly.

In addition, thanks to consumer demand, the Non-GMO Project is changing the way food companies look at their business in regards to sourcing ingredients and the supply chain. Companies are now actively seeking the Non-GMO Project Verified mark to demonstrate their non-GMO commitment and setting the bar for the future of food production. Every day consumers learn about our mission through the more than 40,000 products that carry the Butterfly, and engage through our websites and social media to find out more. Here are three examples of ingredients we receive questions about:

67 Environmental Rules on the Way Out Under Trump

To date, the Trump administration has sought to reverse more than 60 environmental rules, according to a New York Times analysis, based on research from Harvard Law School’s Environmental Regulation Rollback Tracker, Columbia Law School’s Climate Tracker and other sources.

The national monuments slashed by Trump will officially be open to mining on Friday

Dr Stephanie Seneff - Vaccines, Glyphosate and Autism

Numerous health problems increased after GMOs were introduced in 1996. The percentage of Americans with three or more chronic illnesses jumped from 7% to 13% in just 9 years; food allergies skyrocketed, and disorders such as autism, diabetes, reproductive disorders, digestive problems, and others are on the rise. Dr. Stephanie Seneff explains how glyphosate (Round Up) causes nutritional deficiencies leading to diseases such as autism, alzheimer's, crone's, parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, muscle wasting, irritable bowel disease and leaky gut syndrome.


We testified on America’s behalf at a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) public hearing in Charlotte, North Carolina, where the FDA was gathering feedback on how to spend its $3 million appropriation from Congress to promote GMOs.

Buried in a short term Congressional funding bill to keep the government open last September, Monsanto was gifted a $3 million grant directing the FDA to fund a campaign to promote genetically modified organisms in food. “It is not the responsibility of the FDA to mount a government-controlled propaganda campaign to convince the American public that genetically modified foods are safe,” said Rep. Nita M. Lowey (D-NY), who attempted to get the measure struck from the bill. “The FDA has to regulate the safety of our food supply and medical devices. They are not, nor should they be, in the pro-industry advertising business,” Lowey said during a congressional hearing.

An article in the Washington Post initially carried this headline: "The government is going to try to convince you to like GMO foods". But it seems the GMO/agrichemical industry didn't like the sound of that and the WP changed the previously published headline to "The Government is Going to Counter Misinformation About GMO Foods". PATHETIC!

At the hearing we heard the testimonies of many industry groups. Some called for the funds to be used for more biased “safety” studies and some called for advertising campaigns using mothers and children. But most worrying, some called for the funds to be used to fund "GMO education" in our public schools.

While the GMO industry seemingly controls the media and our government, we still control the markets. Growing rejection of GMOs in grocery stores nationwide is the only thing that keeps Monsanto executives up at night. That’s why their minions in Congress are launching this taxpayer-funded GMO propaganda campaign. But we are winning because we speak up. Watch the videos and share them with your family, friends and coworkers. Information is power. Education is critical to winning this battle against Monsanto and the GMO/agrichemical industry.

Oats, wheat, and flax are all quietly being sprayed with cancer causing glyphosate

“Along with wheat and oats, glyphosate is used to desiccate [dry] a wide range of other crops including lentils, peas, non-GMO soybeans, corn, flax, rye, triticale, buckwheat, millet, canola, sugar beets and potatoes. Sunflowers may also be treated pre-harvest with glyphosate, according to the National Sunflower Association.”


The movie Big Banks don’t want you to see.

A must watch film!!!

Will your or your parent be subjected to the "million dollar workup?"

Death by Medicine

A film by Dr. Gary Null, Ph.D. - (Great, great film that covers all the bases.)

Takeover of medical schools by Rockefeller, instead of recalling a drug that is doing harm right away, they calculate cost of loss, drugs that make you feel a little better but still keep you sick enough to keep coming back, former pharma reps talk about what they are instructed to say to your doctor, including disciplining your doctor when he doesn’t write enough prescriptions, psychiatric drugs, killer drugs, blood product Factor 9 contaminated with HIV, Lobby, our Government, FDA, the revolving door, the American Medical Association takeover by pharma, doctors, a former hospital administrator, insurance, homeopathy, natural food and medicine.

“This is the problem with not only the medicine people but in all spheres of science. There is real vested interest in keeping the imperfect science because too much has been invested...”

“And they are given sales goals…” “Now when a doctor writes a prescription, that prescription is entered into a database. This information is sold to the drug companies so they can use it to then give it to the drug reps and so if you are the doctor that is prescribing a lot of the drug, that drug rep is instructed to give you expensive gifts. If your profile falls off it’s also a drug rep that is sent to your office to give you a dressing down. So then you have drug reps as disciplinarian.”

“I was told to minimize side effects…”

“Or if you are a physician you decide for whatever reason that you have a better way, that these three protocols are not going to do the trick, that you know that if you just told them to eat differently, take a couple vitamins, they’d do a whole lot better. If you did that because you diviated from protocol, you are risking loss of license, legal prosecution, loss of hospital priviledges and these protocols can literally cause you to be treated to death by being exposed to hazardous tests unrelated to your condition, hazardous medications that have no hope of improving your condition. So the doctor literally is obligated to provide you with this thing called the “standard of care” which actually might result in your demise.

“As an administrator we’re taught that medicine remember is in fact a business and, we’re there to perpetuate that business. We don’t really have incentive to make people well. Our incentive is to keep bringing in chronically ill people, treating them with what we’ve been indoctoronated to treat them with to synthetic drugs, radiation or surgery, send them home and keep them coming back over and over and over again until they finally die. And so as an administrator in the hospital I had over 100 staff under me that I needed to constantly oversee and evaluate. Now again being a nurse administrator, I saw the mistakes that physicians made, the orders that were written, and they were the wrong orders altogether to be written for a patient. Wrong diets ordered, they make major mistakes. I saw the mistakes that nurses made. The medication errors, I’ll bet half of them were never even reported because it’s a fear based system. I’ve watched people come into hospitals, and we called it the million dollar work up. We wanted to make sure we did as many work up tests as possible in order for us to generate revenue and to really make sure we could diagnose these people well, and then once we diagnosed them, we filled them with our medications. That was mostly our middle age people. Once we got to our elderly, that was a whole different ball game. We’d warehouse them in the hospitals in the acute care settings until we can get them into nursing homes.”

Arty turns 11 this summer.