You're very hilarious to say the least , let try this one on for size, from the age of 2 years old, we're encouraged to act our age through the progression of maturity, now tell us why would anyone with any degree of decorum, dignity,maturity and common sense defy those expectations now at the age of 50,60 and older go back to those adolescent days when we wore diapers and played with building blocks? Donald Trump didn't make you racist or childish, finally a person comes along who will defy the forward movements of the last 5 decades when people attempted to get along irregardless of race, color, financial standing or education but your "savior" has risen who emboldens the hate and racism within yourself and you can rest in the fact that those vile attributes will be reinforced by our racist and adolescent president. Digression is a wonderful thing, wouldn't you say? wink