The first link is an article from 2013!!!

Lots has happened since then, they've written more Papers. The newest one on bile acids, which will be of interest to those folks who have lost their gall bladders is coming out this year.

Also, I've posted Seneff's credentials many times. She is a genius. She has always been interested in biology.

You need to consider the sources and who is funding them. Seneff's work is funded by a computer company. You can search back in the other thread and find the video where she explains her funding source, her interests, her transition BACK to biology and WHY she made that transition.

Samsel is retired, self funds his own research and takes donations from the PUBLIC.

Pustai: If you go back and look at Pustai's story, you'll see who funded his study and what happened to him when he tried to publish the results of his gmo research that the company that hired him didn't like. They destroyed his career. He was, like Seralini, exhonerated and was finally able to get his Paper published. (The same thing happened to Tyrone Hayes, look under "Frogs.")

Do you notice Seralini's 2017 study that showed that the "other" ingredients in glyphosate is 1,000 times more toxic than glyphosate. Did you take the time to read and watch any of the information I posted?

I could spend all night listing the scientists for you but I've already done that in the other thread and I'm not redoing the work for someone who will never believe it anyways. The second article you listed is so unprofessional and just nasty. Nasty and mean, that's all they have. They can't show us any independent, non industry funded science proving their food is safe.

Folks figure it out when they or their kids become ill. As I did, they research, change their family's diet and see what happens for themselves. This is how Moms Across America got started, by mothers whose children had severe reactions to food and they wanted to know why. This is why there is such a huge movement in the world to stop gmo seed, food, and all poisons sprayed on our food. Us Mothers did the research, made the changes and we healed ourselves and our children. This is why you see all sorts of products in stores now with the Non-Gmo Verified Butterfly logo. This is why you see the organic sections growing at grocery stores. Even Wal-Mart couldn't ignore the movement and they wanted in on the big money too, so Wal-Mart has their own organic line. Aldis is carry new organics all the time: milk, cereal, eggs, bread, pizza. Duh, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that consumers drive what grocers carry in their stores.

Believe me, this is NOT something I enjoy doing. It is complicated, time consuming and when you finally get the big picture, it affects your outlook on life.

You have a right to believe what you want. If you want to eat gmo food and inject toxic vaccines into your body, go for it and good luck. But if you start to sneeze a lot, get an allergy, a rash on your skin, pain in your stomach, heart burn, prediabetic systems, chrones, IBS, to list just a few, you might want to read a little more than the garbage you listed above.
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