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How simple this is now!


Mueller Republicans needs only to ask Trump one question.

"Did you try to fire me?"

If Trump sys, "Yes", that is obstruction of justice.

If Trump says "NO", that is perjury.

In reality, the party isn't seeking honest answers anymore but would rather promote a platform for midterms elections, November won't be a pretty picture for the GOP solely for the fact that America is tired of the dishonesty & hatred coming from Trump and the party's lack of intervention to keep Trump in check.

Let's talk about the current events such as racism (Trump's insult of Black employment and sh&$hole countries) the FBI second in command leader stepping down today, the lies being perpetrated on a daily basis concerning the Russian hacks, Trump's debacle in Switzerland while being booed by world leaders. The laughable aspect of the Republican narrative is another blame game or "she/he did this or that" Reality is so overwhelming in regard to the weakness of Trump and the Republican party, what do they have left to say is "But but but but" while pointing fingers.