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“The Truth About Vaccines”

(This is a different series, it is not "Vaccines Revealed.")

Nazi Germany Nerve Gas pesticide on your Food!

Brought to you by Trump and Pruit and Dow Chemical.

NRDC President Rhea Suh explains why we must ban chloryprifos—a toxic pesticide that’s all over the food we consume. NRDC is suing to have this chemical banned. Please sign the letter to Pruit, below.

Letter urging EPA to reverse course and impose an immediate ban on chlorpyrifos:

'Big Organic' Egg Producers Poised to Feather their Nests if USDA Scuttles Animal Welfare Rule

In fact, most retail grocery chains that sell "organic" eggs under their own label (think Aldi’s Simply Nature, Whole Foods 365 Organic, Trader Joe’s, Kroger Simple Truth, Costco, Walmart, etc.) get their eggs from huge factory farm-type operations that routinely violate USDA National Organic Program (NOP) rules.

The USDA reopened a 30-day comment period. Consumers and others have until January 17 to tell the USDA to enact the OLPP. You can comment here.

Shocking Study Shows Glyphosate Herbicides Contain Toxic Levels of Arsenic

A shocking new study published in Toxicology Reports has shown that the current regulatory assessments of the world’s most used herbicides are wrong, with ingredients such as arsenic being regularly found in Glyphosate based herbicides and other pesticides at toxic levels.

Martin Dagoberto

"Before I became an advocate for transparency in food labelling, and before I decided to try to avoid gmo's in my own life, to whatever extent possible, I actually was earning my bachelors degree to become a genetic engineer. I studied biotechnology and molecular biology at...and it was there that I gained an appreciation for the magnitude of risks that we're taking with genetic engineering, not only do they hold great promise for our future, but also significant risk and I realized that with as little as we know about how all these pieces fit together, these products are being commercialized far too quickly and when I dug into it and I saw the lack of transparency, the lack of independent safety testing, and how the federal government allows companies like Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow, companies that brought us DDT and Agent Orange and PCB's and said nothing to worry about there, they're letting these same companies be in charge of ensuring the safety of these biotech foods and that just didn't sit right for me."

The above comment is from a 12/4/15 video that is no longer on you tube. He has many other videos on you tube.

In case you missed Jeffrey Smith’s appearance on The Doctors, here is a recap…

Trump continues to help Big Corporations poison you and your family. Fight back, go organic.

Donald Trump Officially Comes Out in Favor of GMOs, Confirms Organic Movement’s Worst Fears

“We are streamlining regulations that have blocked cutting-edge biotechnology, setting free our farmers to innovate, thrive, and to grow,” Trump said according to MIT Technology Review in Nashville at a meeting of the American Farm Bureau Federation.

“Oh, are you happy you voted for me. You are so lucky that I gave you that privilege,” he continued according to the article.

Antibiotics Are STILL in Your Milk! - 2016

Thanks to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), milk supplies in the United States have been tested for decades for the presence of certain antibiotics. Milk found to contain unacceptable levels of the selected six drugs is discarded. However, consumers are still being exposed to antibiotics in conventionally produced milk, and the FDA knows about it.

It appears some dairy farmers are slipping their cows antibiotics that are not on the government’s testing list, nor on the list of acceptable drugs to give to lactating cows. The presence of these antibiotics was revealed in a recently released FDA report entitled “Milk Drug Residue Sampling Survey.” This means that unless you choose organic milk and milk products, you could be exposing yourself and your family to these drugs.

The report, 2015

CAFO: Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation

MPCA Orders Continuous Air Monitoring at Kohlnhofer Factory Hog Farm in Response to Citizens’ Report - 12/2017

Hydrogen sulfide is a poisonous gas emitted when large amounts of liquid manure are collected in one place. It has proven negative health impacts, such as nausea, headaches, vomiting and severe diarrhea. Prolonged exposure has been associated with neurologic symptoms, which may be more serious in children.
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