Seneff: "Prof. Seralini has a new study out that shows that glyphosate-based herbicides contain several different toxic metals, including
arsenic. An earlier Sri Lankan study linked a kidney failure epidemic among agricultural workers in Sri Lanka to synergistic toxicity of
arsenic and glyphosate."

Shocking Study Shows Glyphosate Herbicides Contain Toxic Levels of Arsenic

A shocking new study published in Toxicology Reports has shown that the current regulatory assessments of the world’s most used herbicides are
wrong, with ingredients such as arsenic being regularly found in Glyphosate based herbicides and other pesticides at toxic levels.

The comparative effects of glyphosate alone and 14 of its formulations were studied by Seralini’s team. Glyphosate was clearly shown to
not be the major toxic compound in the herbicide formulations – Petroleum-based compounds in the herbicide formulations were more toxic than glyphosate.

Prof. Séralini stated Sunday: “These results show that the declarations of glyphosate as the active principle for toxicity are scientifically wrong,
and that the toxicity assessment is also erroneous: glyphosate is tested alone for long-term health effects at the regulatory level but the formulants –
which are composed of toxic petroleum residues and arsenic – are not tested over the long term. We call for the immediate, transparent and public
release of the formulations and above all of any health tests conducted on them. The acceptable levels of glyphosate residues in foods should be
divided immediately by a factor of at least 1,000 because of these hidden poisons. Glyphosate-based herbicides should be banned.”

Toxicity of formulants and heavy metals in glyphosate-based herbicides and other pesticides

N. Defarge, J. Spiroux de Vendômois, G.E. Séralini

The comparative effects of glyphosate alone and 14 of its formulations were studied.

Glyphosate was not the major toxic compound in the herbicide formulations.

Petroleum-based compounds in herbicides were highly more toxic than glyphosate.

We identified arsenic, chromium, cobalt, lead and nickel in pesticide formulations.

Seneff: “Peter Good has a new paper out linking glyphosate to autism, along with antibiotics and acetaminophen.”

Evidence the U.S. autism epidemic initiated by acetaminophen (Tylenol) is aggravated by oral antibiotic amoxicillin/clavulanate
(Augmentin) and now exponentially by herbicide glyphosate (Roundup)

...Two toxins most implicated in the U.S. autism epidemic are analgesic/antipyretic acetaminophen (Tylenol) and oral antibiotic amoxicillin/clavulanate
(Augmentin). Recently herbicide glyphosate (Roundup) was exponentially implicated. What do these toxins have in common?...

In memoriam: Dr Shiv Chopra, public servant

Dr. Shiv Chopra was a veterinary scientist with a Ph.D. in microbiology. He was a senior scientist at Health Canada (Canada’s food safety
regulator) where he worked from 1969 until 2004. Dr. Chopra was one of three Health Canada veterinary scientists who spoke out in the 1990s about
pressure to approve animal drugs despite their concerns about animal health and food safety. They questioned carbadox, a drug used in pigs, and
Baytril, which was used to promote growth in cows and chickens. Most prominent were their concerns over Monsanto’s genetically engineered veterinary
drug Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH). Their public criticisms of BGH were met with gag orders from their employers at Health Canada but finally led to
Senate hearings and a 1999 decision not to approve the drug.
Dr. Chopra defied instructions from his employers not to speak publicly about his
concerns, and about the pressure he was under at Health Canada. In 1998, Dr. Chopra and his colleague Dr. Margaret Haydon were interviewed on national
television and asked why they thought they were under pressure to approve drugs quickly. Dr. Chopra replied, “Well, what do you think? Money. For
multinational companies that produce those things.”

Seneff: “Monsanto has ambitious plans for putting more chemicals into our food supply. Glyphosate, dicamba, glufosinate … Might be a good time to
switch to certified organic if you haven't done so already!”

Monsanto's product pipeline features expanding role for controversial weedkiller, dicamba

Despite last year’s widespread reports of dicamba-related crop damage across millions of acres and skepticism from independent weed scientists about
the chemical’s compatibility with nontolerant crops, Monsanto sees the herbicide as a prized asset now and in the foreseeable future, as it develops
new crop varieties engineered to tolerate the chemical.

EU Commission uses Christmas period to grant authorisation for imports of GM soybeans

“The timing and the circumstances of the decision show just how much the EU Commission fears a response from the public. In fact, the way in which
this has been handled has the potential to damage the credibility of the EU institutions,” Christoph Then says for Testbiotech. “Our response will
be to put these authorisations even more to the forefront of our activities to make this public. The EU Commission must give much higher precedence to
the protection of health and the environment.” According to a Testbiotech analysis, there are clear indications that the developer companies
Dow and Bayer manipulated the data for risk assessment of their genetically engineered soybeans. The claim is based on analysis of the data presented
by the companies for risk assessment in the EU. Analysis showed that Dow used a special sample of the genetically engineered soybeans in their
feeding studies with rats, which was sprayed with much lower amount of herbicides than usual. In their field trials, Bayer only applied a
fraction of the amounts of the herbicides that would normally be used in agricultural practice.

Seneff: “Terrific interview between Carey Gillam and Dr. Mercola on glyphosate & Monsanto.”

Improve Your Health by Avoiding Pesticides

Glyphosate — Roundup — is sort of the vehicle for my book. Monsanto and the story of how they pushed this weed killer to become the most
widely used in the world … [was] strategically by design … The point I hope this book makes is that glyphosate and Monsanto are really the poster
children for a much larger problem — a corporate push for pesticide dependence …"

Protect Organic - Consumers: Take Action

Calling all eaters! Use your voice to protect organic! We know that when you choose to buy organic products, you have clear expectations about what
that means. Unfortunately, hoping we are all too busy during the holidays and New Year to notice, the Administration has rolled back organic standards
regarding animal welfare and given the public a scant 30 days to speak our minds.

Seneff: “Pfizers seems to be giving up on drug development for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson's. It's clear to me that the solution is not going to be
found in pharmaceutical drugs. The best way to prevent these diseases (and possibly even reverse them to some extent) is through an organic
whole foods diet and abundant sun exposure to the eyes.”

Pfizer ends research for new Alzheimer's, Parkinson's drugs

Seneff on sun exposure to the eyes…at 7:14

Dicamba is wreaking havoc on US crops – Is Monsanto profiting off the problem?

In early November, Environmental Protection Agency officials warned in a meeting with herbicide-makers that they could lose dicamba approval if
their products continued to damage crops. And Bradley says growers might spray less dicamba in 2018 to avoid trouble with their neighbors. But
on the flip side, more farmers may buy the double-resistant seeds, to protect themselves from dicamba. Indeed, [farmer] Bentlage says, one
seed dealer recently hit him with this pitch: “You might as well buy some dicamba seeds. You know your neighbor’s gonna spray it — you might as well
buy it, too, to keep from getting damaged.” In other words: Nice little soybean crop you have there; be a shame if something bad happened to it.

Seneff: “Another good reason not to get a flu vaccine. I have to wonder whether glyphosate contamination in the vaccine plays a role in this observed
increase, because glyphosate could be incorporated into the collagen in the joint and cause an autoimmune reaction to misfolded collagen.”

What’s Behind the Rice in Vaccine-Related Increase in Vaccine-Related Shoulder Injuries

Hold the plum pudding: US food sampling shows troubling pesticide residues

Among the domestic food samples, FDA said 97 percent of apples, 83 percent of grapes, 60 percent of tomatoes, 57 percent of mushrooms and
53 percent of plums carried residues. Exactly half of the fruit jams and jellies and similar spreads examined were tainted with pesticides,
according to the FDA data.

A discussion from Seneff’s page on facebook, fyi…

How to remove Glyphosate toxin from body?

Seneff: “I am now virtually certain that glyphosate is the main cause of the autism epidemic. Eating organic food and loading up on sulfur-containing
foods are also important (sulfur is needed to detoxify many toxic chemicals). Glyphosate thoroughly disrupts sulfur homeostasis. Acetobacter, found
in vinegar, are among the few microbes that can completely metabolize glyphosate. "P. fluorescens and Acetobacter sp. exhibited a high
capacity to efficiently degrade glyphosate under the environmental conditions studied. " google this paper: "Biodegradation of
glyphosate herbicide in vitro using bacterial isolates from four rice fields" AN Moneke et al. 2010.”
Organic apple cider
vinegar with the “mother.” (I buy Bragg’s).

On Tamiflu…

Seneff: “I have looked into Tamiflu and I believe it is a very dangerous drug. I have never taken it and I never will! I've also never had a
flu shot and I haven't gotten the flu in decades!”

The Myth of Tamiflu: 5 Things You Should Know

The problem is that we actually know little about the effectiveness and safety of Tamiflu – and Roche is not willing to share all the
relevant data they have. Last year the Cochrane group, the world’s most respected organization devoted to synthesizing evidence and
providing assessments on medical interventions, updated their review of the
Tamiflu studies. If you are enamored by the idea of Tamiflu, then here are 5 things you should know from their report…

Seneff: “Excellent new article on glyphosate's adverse effects on the soil.”

Glyphosate and GM crops are harming no-till soils

Referring to claims that glyphosate is typically neutralized and degraded by soil microbes after a period of time, Dobberstein notes that in
the last 5 years, evidence seems to be mounting through research studies that the herbicide is lingering in the soil environment longer than
anticipated and initiating a host of non-target effects.

Kremer told attendees at the National No-Tillage Conference earlier this year, “This is all supported by research. I’m not just making this
up. With that amount of glyphosate out there, it’s beginning to raise some eyebrows and people are wondering what else might be happening with
this amount of chemical in the environment.”

Carol Garnier Dutra (I’ve posted all this info previously. Here’s a reminder from C.G.D.)

"...Yes all three, vaccines, prescription drugs and GMO foods, are related to each other via BIG Pharmaceutical companies.”
There is something each and every one of us can do to stop 'vaccine fraud'
that will also stop the onward march of both unproven prescription drugs and toxic GMO foods into our marketplace. Yes all three,
vaccines, prescription drugs and GMO foods, are related to each other via BIG Pharmaceutical companies. The solution is to ban direct drug
advertising to the consumer. Ban just the direct to consumer drug adverts on TV, on the Internet and in the printed media. This ban should
take place at both the state and the federal levels.

It is our 'news outlets' that are indirectly responsible for both 'vaccine fraud' and toxic GMO food in our marketplace. It is our news media's
greed for advertising money from BIG Pharma that causes the media to withhold information that would be considered as negative by 'parent' BIG
Pharma and their subsidiary companies which are BIG chemical.

When I first learned about the toxicity of GMO food, I learned from stories posted by activists, concerned individuals posting on the Internet.
This knowledge prompted me to do my own investigation into this subject. Both local and nationwide media did not inform me that our food supply
had been altered to include toxic BT GMO foods.

Remember that BIG Pharma controls BIG chemical through the 'wholly owned subsidiary' rule of company ownership that is practiced today
between the pharmaceutical companies and the chemical companies they control. BIG chemical makes you ill then their 'parent' BIG Pharma offers
you the cure.

The ONLY WAY to eliminate advertising money from BIG Pharma is a complete ban of drug advertisements that are aimed directly to the consumer.
We are the consumers. We are part of this equation. Are you sick and tired of those drug ads that appear with our nightly news programs? I am.
Contact your state and federal legislators and ask them to sponsor legislation that will ban drug advertising that is aimed directly to
the consumer. Those paid ads are pay-offs to our news media to keep them quiet about what is really going on to people in regards to
toxic vaccines, toxic drug prescriptions, and toxic GMO foods in our marketplace.

..." Over the last 11 months, pharmaceutical companies have spent a staggering $3.2 billion on TV ads. In that time, Big Pharma has easily outspent
all other industry advertisers combined. Big Pharma is without advertising peer. It is easily “the news’” biggest customer. Its money buys what
editors call “friendly” or “complementary copy.” Several billion dollars also buys a lot of silence on drug and vaccine safety issues. That
silence it buys, the missing information, the stories squelched, may be the most damaging aspect of all. "...

Here is an example of censorship practiced in favor of BIG Pharma, by FOX News.

Roger Ailes was the CEO of FOX News when he said the following statement to the
lawyer, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., in regards to talking on FOX News about vaccine fraud: (I’ve posted the video of this _y RFK, Jr.)

..." He [Ailes] said to me, ‘I can’t allow you on any of them. I’d have to fire any of my hosts that allowed you on my station.’ Because he said,
‘My news division gets up to 70% of advertising revenues during non-election years from the pharmaceutical companies’.” "...

Just say no to drug ads on TV

All this advertising costs big bucks and adds significantly to the cost of prescription drugs, which is one of the reasons that a few in Congress
have proposed eliminating the tax deduction that pharmaceuticals can claim for these TV ads. But they’ve been met with a powerful lobby as well as
waving of the flag of free speech by drug firms.

Big Pharma’s control over the news

Corporate Relationships Among Monsanto Company, Pharmacia LLC, Pfizer Inc., Solutia Inc., and Eastman Chemical Company
From Monsanto’s
web page:

...Former Monsanto is today known as Pharmacia LLC. Pharmacia is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Pfizer Inc., which operates the Pharmaceuticals

...Today’s Monsanto includes the operations, assets and liabilities that were previously the Ag Business. ...
From Investopedia:

...A 'wholly owned subsidiary' is a company whose common stock is 100% owned by another company, the parent company. Whereas a company can become
a wholly owned subsidiary through an acquisition by the parent company or having been spun off from the parent company...

Syngenta was a 'wholly owned subsidary' of Novartis Drug before it was sold to ChemChina.
...In 2000, Novartis and AstraZeneca combined their agrobusiness divisions to create a new company, Syngenta.[34][35]...

(Note the word 'agrobusiness'. Agrobusiness companies controlled, owned by BIG pharma are not unusual in today's world. One makes you ill
(BIG Chemical) and the 'parent' company (BIG Pharma) offers you the cure.)

“Trace Amounts” Free to watch until January 23rd. (Starts at 10:20)

Trace Amounts is the true story of the mercury poisoning of Eric Gladen - and his painful journey.

“The more I researched, the more I couldn’t believe my eyes, and the more I knew there was no way I could just sit back and not do anything about this.

I quit my career, moved into an RV, hired a production crew, and hit the road for years attending Autism conferences, filming Autism rallies,
performing experiments with Scientists, interviewing everyone and anyone who would talk to us, and so much more.

When the tour was over, I spent the next two years sifting through almost 300 hours of video footage, thousands of leaked documents, closed
door meeting transcripts, and countless scientific studies.

It then took me another 3 years working with my post-production team to piece everything together into what has become the feature documentary
film Trace Amounts.”
Arty turns 11 this summer.