There's No Way Out

Trumpís presidency may be a dysfunctional disaster, but thereís no apparent way to end it.

Mike Segar / Reuters

David A. Graham 11:20 AM ET Politics

Last week, which brought the release of Michael Wolffís Fire and Fury, was rough for the White House. But this week has been worse still, and the damage has been almost entirely inflicted by the president himself.

If thereís no way for Trump to correct course, and no way for his opponents to force his removal him from office, that leaves only two more possibilities.

Trump could resign. Itís clear he isnít interested in the work and is unhappy with the way he is treated by the press, the Congress, the courts, and foreign leaders. But Trump has had many opportunities to pull out, especially during the campaign, and never took them. His pride would seem to prevent him from resigning.

That means until at least the end of 2020, the situation will remain much as it is, with a president widely acknowledged to be dysfunctional and no way to change that. It is as though the United States is stumbling, never quite falling on its face but never fully righting itself, either, caught perpetually mid-stumble. The only certainty is more weeks like this one. There is no exit.