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Suppose Oprah Winfrey beats Trump in 2020. That would mean the Trump presidency would be sandwiched between two Afro-American presidents. Can you imagine anything that would upset Trump and his base more?


President Donald Trump on Tuesday predicted he’d clock Oprah Winfrey should she decided to run for the White House in 2020. Not necessarily so, says a new Rasmussen Reports survey conducted the Monday and Tuesday after Oprah gave her barn-burning, White House water-testing Cecil B. DeMille Award-accepting speech at the Golden Globe Awards. Polling results show 48% of likely U.S. voters would cast their vote for Oprah, 38% would choose Trump, and a needle-moving 14% remained undecided.

It's a proven fact that some things are out of reach in regard to what money can buy, ethic, morals, intellect and common decency. Funny how those redeeming attributes are not affordable even for Donald J. Trump and those very attributes are the very reason the next election will see anyone win but Trump, mind you, if he survive till next election due to the lack there of in regard to the above. whistle