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“...remember your health protector is in your gut, add roundup and it will kill the organisms that protect us…”

Roundup Causes Major Changes in Gut Microbiome of Rats

An environmentally relevant concentration of Roundup caused changes in the gut microbiome of rats, according to a new study published by the group of Prof Gilles-Eric Séralini at the University of Caen, France.

The health implications of this experiment for humans are unknown. However, this new study has produced the first in vivo evidence that Roundup can bring about alterations in the gut microbiome, including at an environmentally relevant dose, either directly or indirectly. These are interesting and very important observations and should be repeated using larger groups of animals. This should include a comparison of glyphosate alone and Roundup at equivalent concentrations, to ascertain which component of this herbicide formulation (active ingredient, adjuvants, or a combination of the two) is responsible for the changes in the gut microbiome. Furthermore, a strong link between Roundup exposure and liver damage has already been demonstrated and should be further investigated.


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A growing body of research suggests that dysbiosis of the gut microbiota induced by environmental pollutants, such as pesticides, could have a role in the development of metabolic disorders. We have examined the long-term effects of 3 doses of the Roundup(R) herbicide (made of glyphosate and formulants) on the gut microbiota in male and female Sprague-Dawley rats. A total of 141 bacteria families were identified by a 16S sequencing analysis approach. An OPLS-DA analysis revealed an increased Bacteroidetes family S24-7 and a decreased Lactobacillaceae in 8 out of the 9 females treated with 3 different doses of R (n = 3, for each dose). These effects were confirmed by repetitive sequence-based PCR fingerprinting showing a clustering of treated females. A culture-based method showed that R had a direct effect on rat gut microbiota. Cultivable species showed different sensitivities to R, including the presence of a high tolerant or resistant strain identified as Escherichia coli by 16S rRNA sequencing. The high tolerance of this E. Coli strain was explained by the absence of the EPSPS gene (coding glyphosate target enzyme) as shown by DNA amplification. Overall, these gut microbiome disturbances showed a substantial overlap with those associated with liver dysfunction in other studies. In conclusion, we revealed that an environmental concentration of R (0.1 ppb) and other two concentrations (400 ppm and 5,000 ppm) have a sex-dependent impact on rat gut microbiome composition and thus warrants further investigation.


Human populations are exposed to an increasing number of different types of xenobiotics through their diets and lifestyles. Being directly in contact with the ingested food, the gut microbiome is sensitive to the nutritional quality of the diet [7] and its content in biologically active compounds acting as prebiotics to favour the development of beneficial intestinal microbes [8]. Some other studies have shown that the presence of food contaminants such as emulsifiers [9], heavy metals [10], mycotoxins [11,12], polysaccharides [13] or even pesticide residues [14] can alter the composition of the gut Microbiome.


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