if you look in the computing and tech forum under satelite v cable tv (later changed to spectrum peeves customers) you will see a brief discussion on the best way to approach spectrum

if you have tv, internet and phone thru spectrum then the best thing to do is seperate the 3

once spectrum sees that you have all 3 services with them then they will continue to raise your rates because they think you will not drop some of their services

change some of their services for a few months and then go back to them for the lower 'new customer' rates

spectrum considers you to be a 'new' customer after 30 days of none service and you can get the lower rate for 'new customers'

have spectrum as your internet and use another company for your phone and another company for your tv

or change it around to fit your needs

netflix, amazon prime, hulu, roku... provides shows

if you have a cell phone then increase the data if it is more cost effective than having spectrum for all your internet needs

it depends how much internet you need