From Moms Across America - This is a preview and test results from a farmer testing carrots. More to come.

“Recent testing of carrots for nutrients shared with us by a supporter showed disturbingly low levels of minerals in the produce. "I would be embarrassed to call this food." - said Dr. Don Huber. "The nutrients are almost nonexistent." One sample was organic and one was conventional.

Although the organic sample was 49% higher in nutrition, the levels were still very low. You will notice the zinc is almost nonexistent ( glyphosate chelates zinc) and zinc is essential for healthy sperm ( our sterility rates in the US are climbing).

The fact is that our food in America, due to GMO chemical farming, is depleted of minerals and vitamins.”

Arkansas panel stands by proposal to ban disputed herbicide

TAKE ACTION: Ask your member of Congress to help regenerate rural economies by co-sponsoring H.R. 4671, the Organic Farmers Access Act.

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