The thread is about genetically modified foods and glyphosate.
(when I come across info on antibiotic resistance, I will post it. Seneff has mentioned it in many of her talks/interviews.) Thank you for asking.

Vaccines and antibiotics are included because glyphosate has been found in vaccines and glyphosate is also a patented antibiotic. When you eat glyphosate daily, you are getting a daily dose of an antibiotic which can lead to antibiotic resistance.

Somewhere in this thread I posted the link to the United States Patent Office that shows glyphosate's patent as an antibiotic. If you'd like to look for it and repost the link, that would be nice. If I recall correctly, there are several patents for glyphosate.

Because weeds become resistant to glyphosate, farmers and wineries have to use more of it to kill the weeds.

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