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A rhetorical question to our two gents since we all know that neither has a logical or responsible answer thus will offer only more cartoons. Please reveal to us the secret codes which distinguishes the Democrats from the Republicans when we all receive the promised lowered tax liability along with the tremendous health care packages. Liberals can't comprehend your logic of not having but little to no previously mentioned assets when many of the Liberals are in better position to survive the "perceived punishment" aimed at the Democrats, while cheering the fact that you voted to harm your own families.. laughing our a&% off with this narrative of "I'll show them Liberals" A suggestion, tell the 190 million Republicans who live in fine homes, making 70K a year with Cadillac health insurance to give some of their riches to the 190 million poor Liberals....still laughing.

Just like a female dog in heat, I can dictate and predict your next move. laugh

See the correlation between Trump supporters and cartoons? Both are a huge joke. wink A sad commentary in particular, the fact that poor children have not healthcare but CEO get to buy up to the next bigger yacht...BTW, did they tell you that Trump's favoritism stand at 34% , not to mention that the Liberal are winning every race from local to state.....can't figure out why.(Snickering)
I know how to bring out the buffoonery of A Trump supporter.State Fact