ROTFLMAO, Obama was to rectifier those things broken by the previous administration...remember the great recession, 7 million lost jobs, 10 million losing health insurance?, What's funny now is the fact that my home built in 2014 has increased in value about $70,000 thus far, I guess that the housing bubble takes credit for that but ignorant Trumpian believes that Trump's actions made that possible. Now for reality, this idiot president manages to take some of my current write off from me in regard to the same house, he stupidly stated that my Son will hire more people since he will profit from the new tax reform, the dumbo has weigh in on NFL relations, war widows, race relation, exacerbated a 3000 year war in the Middle East, he is a known womanizer of several women, he is a pathological liar but thank you for reminding us that he financially raped workers in Indo China by paying them 50 cents and hour, sending the finish products back to the stated where you can't afford to purchase even a tie. YEP, he has manage to "thread" himself into an horrid arena never experience by any recent president.

By the way, name the brand new Trump care?
I know how to bring out the buffoonery of A Trump supporter.State Fact