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Isn't it poetic how the Republicans fought and obstructed the Democrats, called Obama a Nigerian, sought to repeal the ACA for 8 years? now after 11 months, they're screaming "enough is enough" but lets take a closer look at the current scenario, there's ample votes within the GOP itself to pass every single legislative measure placed on the agenda but as we all know, the GOP are self destructive and most unfortunately is the fact that the party did not want Donald J. Trump in the first place but as you've stated Tommy, the Constitutional right of the people gave you one of the worse presidents in history. I ran into the prom queen and most beautiful girl of my senior high school class, 300 LBS, 4 kids and 3 divorcees later, which guys was the lucky fella? We're talking 40 years ago, funny how the Liberals had to wait only 11 months to realize , they didn't lose anything but a few months of aggravation but must now observe a suffering nation.

You're right, it must suck
I know how to bring out the buffoonery of A Trump supporter.State Fact